How to improve compare of item in sorted List<MyItem> with item before and after current item?

Does anyone know about a good way to accomplish this task?

Currently i'm doing it more ore less this way, but i'm feeling someway unhappy with this code, unable to say what i could immediately improve.

So if anyone has a smarter way of doing this job i would be happy to know.

private bool Check(List<MyItem> list)
bool result = true;
//MyItem implements IComparable<MyItem>
for (int pos = 0; pos < list.Count - 1; pos++)
bool previousCheckOk = true;
if (pos != 0)
if (!CheckCo

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i'm taking a list of files *.config and copying them to a list of directories. The directories are relative to a path C:ranches have a name and then the name.UnitTest.

so the copy looks like this without being refactored/batched:

<Target Na

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I am trying to compare an item in a list to a string using the item's index. However, the code is not doing what it is meant to do. It is supposed to remove another item in the list.

Here is the code:

If (result.Count = 12) Then
If (result.item(2) = "US") Th

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Current i

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Is there a way to get the next item in a list by knowing the current item's value?
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my_list = ['apple', 'pear', 'orange', 'raspberry']
# I know that I'm always looking for pear.
print 'pear' in my_list # prints True
# I want to be able to get a key by its value.
pear_key = my_list['pear'].key # should be 1
# Print the next item in the list.

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How to compare if an item in a list has the same value AND position as an item in another list? Python 2.7
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l1 = [a,b,c,d]
l2 = [e,b,f,g]

A method that would return true when it sees that b is in both l1 and l2, and in position [1] in both lists. Preferably something that I can use in a for loop so that I can compare all the items in the list.


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How to open list item (or folder) when user click on item row (not on linktitlenomenu column)?
By default sharepoint select this item and I need select items by clicking on checkbox only and open item otherwise.
I see many different jQuery scripts, but I find only how to get link on it

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I have googled i

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I have searched many list types to try and find one that satisfies two criteria..

The List must remain sorted.
Before an insert the Item Before and After needs to be known.

There is a probable ratio of 10,000 reads to 1 insert. So let's say 1 million inserts, that equates to

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Item-by-item list comparison, updating each item with its result (no third list)
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The solutions I have found so far in my research on comparing lists of objects have usually generated a new list of objects, say of those items existing in one list, but not in the other. In my case, I want to compare two lists to discover the items whose key exists in one list and not the other

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