How to improve compare of item in sorted List<MyItem> with item before and after current item?

Does anyone know about a good way to accomplish this task?

Currently i'm doing it more ore less this way, but i'm feeling someway unhappy with this code, unable to say what i could immediately improve.

So if anyone has a smarter way of doing this job i would be happy to know.

private bool Check(List<MyItem> list)
bool result = true;
//MyItem implements IComparable<MyItem>
for (int pos = 0; pos < list.Count - 1; pos++)
bool previousCheckOk = true;
if (pos != 0)
if (!CheckCo

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Is there a way to get the next item in a list by knowing the current item's value?
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my_list = ['apple', 'pear', 'orange', 'raspberry']
# I know that I'm always looking for pear.
print 'pear' in my_list # prints True
# I want to be able to get a key by its value.
pear_key = my_list['pear'].key # should be 1
# Print the next item in the list.
print my_list[pear_key + 1] # should print orange

I know that pear will always be an item in my list (not the position though), and I'm looking for a way to get the value of the next item in that list, either by getting the current key by knowing its value and advancing it by one (like I did in the example above) or by using somethin

knockout.js - modify DOM in current item in list (expand list item subsection) using templates
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In this example I want to use knockout.js to allow the "Expand" link to be clicked and have its text changed to "Collapse". I also want to set the make the jobDetails section visible. This is a very general question of how to get knockout.js to specifically modify the DOM of the "current" item in a list using a click handler.

<script type="text/html" id="job-template">
<div class="jobContainer">
<label data-bind="text: JobTitle"></label>
<label data-bind="text: CompanyName"></label>
<div class="jobDetails">
<label data-bind="text: City"></label
How to open list item by clicking on item row (instead of selecting item)?
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How to open list item (or folder) when user click on item row (not on linktitlenomenu column)?
By default sharepoint select this item and I need select items by clicking on checkbox only and open item otherwise.
I see many different jQuery scripts, but I find only how to get link on item with jQuery:

$(document).ready(function () {
function () {
var a = $(this).find("td div[Field=LinkFilename] a")

But I dont't know how to paste this url in row onclick handler.

Compare an item in a list to a string and then remove another item
Programming Languages

I am trying to compare an item in a list to a string using the item's index. However, the code is not doing what it is meant to do. It is supposed to remove another item in the list.

Here is the code:

If (result.Count = 12) Then
If (result.item(2) = "US") Then
End If
TextBox8.Text = result(11)
TextBox8.Text = ""
End If

Based on the results the index (2) has the word "US" but for some reason it is not working and not removing the other item. Any suggestions?

How do I generate an MsBuild itemList from another item list based on the current item's directory name?
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i'm taking a list of files *.config and copying them to a list of directories. The directories are relative to a path C:ranches have a name and then the name.UnitTest.

so the copy looks like this without being refactored/batched:

<Target Name="CopyClientConfigs">
<ClientConfigDestinations Include="$(LocalSourcePath)Module1Module1.UnitTest;
how to select latest item on top of the list and rest of the item in sorted order
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I am creating a listbox using Winform and C#. I am adding the items in tabels and the list of items is loading from two tabels in the listbox according to the creationdate using the below query.

SELECT Boxname, CreationDate FROM tabe1 


 SELECT TrashBoxName, CreationDate FROM table2  

 order by CreationDate DESC

But i want to select the newly added item on top of listbox and rest of items in sorted order.


Compare item 1 list one to item 1 list 2 then item 2 list 2 and so forth. Can't iterate properly
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I need help with the concept. I'm new to Python.

I know I need a nested for loop, but the lists are two different sizes. I want to loop the .dat file and check if it matches an item in the .csv file. The thing is something like this doesn’t compare very well.

for row in list1:  
    for row2 in list2:  
        if row == row2[1]:  
            print(row2[1] + ' ' + row


This will spit out output like this:

list2-item1 list1-item1
list2-item2 list1-item1
list2-item3 list1-item1

I can see it's not iterating properly due to where I placed the prints. I have two CSV files I'm trying to compare (one line delimited ' ' and one comma delimited). I'm trying to find items from list1 that exist in list2, but I can't seem to get it to iterate past the first item in list1? It would be easier if there was an eof in Python. I know I'm making a dumb mistake somewhere, I just can't figure out where.

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