How to make Windows Service start as “Automatic (Delayed Start)”


A WCF service running as a Windows Service.
Account is "User".

What is done:

I have
overridden the OnBeforeInstall in the projectinstaller to be able to
set username and password from a config file.

What I would
be able to do:

I'd like to be able to set the starttype as
Automatic (Delayed Start)

What I have tried:

put the following coderow in the overridden OnBeforeInstall


serviceInstaller1.StartType = ServiceStartMode.Automatic +

Figured I wo

Is it possible to programatically set the "Start Parameters" on a
Windows Service at install time?


isn't actually possible. However, you can edit the image path as per
ho1's instructions.

Programming Languages

I have written a very simply WCF service which I am hosting using
TopShelf. When I install the service on a Windows 2008 Server R2 box
and set the startup type of the service to "Automatic" the service
fails to start when the machine starts. However if I switch the start
up mode to "Automatic(Delayed Start)" then the service happily starts
up when the machine boots up.

On a Windows 2003 box the
service runs under the "Automatic" startup type as there is no
Automatic(Delayed Start) mode but there the service correctly starts
up on its own when the box starts up.

The FID under which
the service is configured to run has "Logon as service" right on all

Development Tools & Services

I have installed sphinx-0.9.9 in my LINUX server and it gives the
result nicely.

The problem is "the file is
getting deleted often" (service stops automatically). I

couldn't find the reason why it stops. Can anybody tell me the reason
and also how could I make this service run all the time nonstop, even
when I reboot the system the service should restart

Timely help is highly appreciated


Thanks in Advance,

Programming Languages

I have a WCF service hosted in windows service.


Currently when the windows service starts i have to "touch" the
WCF service with a client to run some long running code in WCF

Is it somehow possible to auto start the long
running code in WCF service without calling the service with a

IIS 7.5 is not an option.

Programming Languages

I am using windows-django-tools to launch the celeryd as a
My service.ini file looks like this:

# Services
run=celery runserver />clean=C:UsersMax...pythonlogsceleryd.txt
[celeryd] />command=celeryd
C:UsersMax...pythonlogsceleryd.txt -l info
[log] />filename=C:UsersMax...pythonlogsservice.txt
level=INFO />

When I run the command "python test"
celeryd lauches, and I get the standard celery output. However, when I
start the service with "python start" celeryd does not
process the tasks. The service is runn

Programming Languages

After making minor changes to a Windows Service and deploying those
changes to Production Staging (Windows Server 2008), the Windows
Service fails to start.

The event log states only


Windows detected your registry file is still in use by other /> applications or services. The file will be unloaded now. The

applications or services that hold your registry file may not
properly afterwards.

One of the changes
was to an NLog configuration file entry that only applies with
Production build settings thanks to the magic of Slow Cheetah.

Programming Languages
Is there a way to adjust the delay time for a Win 7 Service set to
start as "Automatic (Delayed Start)" ?
I've got one
service set to the default Automatic that causes many other startup
items to take a long time to run on bootup.
If I change the
service to "Automatic (Delayed Start)" that fixes this
annoyance issue.
Other startup programs and services start
quickly ...
But with "Automatic (Delayed Start)" the
delay is a minute or more ... whatever MS delayed start means
would like the delay to be 10-15 seconds.
Windows XP & 7 & 8

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