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how to access prestashop cookie?
the directory structure islike this
   |-(presta shop files)

I manage to do a login from the index.php.
but i cannot access the cookie to check if the user logged in or not.
any way to check it or get the user name

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php prestashop cookie
by andystacy in Programming Languages

how to access prestashop cookie?
the directory structure islike this
   |-(presta shop files)

I manage to do a login from the index.php.
but i cannot access the cookie to check if the user log

prestashop assign a cookie in a module
by cubeless in Programming Languages

I would like to get the var $param from file blockcart.php in the module block cart and put it in a cookie. I'm not so good in POO so can anyone tell me what is wrong with my code.

public function hookAjaxCall($params)
global $cookie; //mycode
if (Configura
Prestashop: switch theme on the fly and read cookie to check param in url
by Ernie in Programming Languages

In order to setup an A/B testing (through GG Analytics), I planned to duplicate my current theme (for organisations purposes) in order to use the duplicated theme to do the alternate versions of the test. I use Prestashop .

What I already did, and works:

Modify htaccess, to redirect index.php to folder/index.php
31/3/2016 3:42 pm by Jpark in Programming Languages

Here is what I currently have in the .htaccess file:

RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{HTTPS} off
RewriteRule (.*) https://%{HTTP_HOST}%{REQUEST_URI}

I am trying to make it so when a visiter visits the website: instead of lo

Prestashop 1.5 - Import huge data(categories, products, customers, addresses) from another prestashop 1.4 installation,
by tong in Programming Languages

i have prestashop 1.5 installed on server A, on server B there is prestashop 1.4 installed with thousands of products and database size is about 500mb. I want to import all those products, categories, customers and their addresses from 1.4 installation to 1.5 installation. I have access to both

XML.load('my_xml.php') Vs XML.sendAndLoad(xml, 'my_xml.php')
by Ernie in Programming Languages

Hi guys, was wondering if someone could give me some insight into this. I have a php script which returns xml content, and initially i was using this script as my xml source in the XML.load() method. However, i noticed that occassionally the xml wouldn't load. Is it possible Flash is trying to load
creating a prestashop module trying to Show error on PrestaShop Module
by boomerang in Programming Languages

I'm trying to display an error when the user submits data from a form, but no error.

try putting in the driver (forcing you to show me an error)
as follows

public function postProcess()
$ this-> errors [] = Tools :: DisplayError ('Invalid
Does anyone knows why PHP uses '"?php' instead of '"%'
by MovingSpotlight in Programming Languages

IIRC, short version (<?) is "bad", because it conflicts with XML. However, <?php is quite a long tag for templates, and there is no <?php=. Just curious.
Subdomain cookie sent in request Cookie header, but not present in IE JavaScript's document.cookie
by LinAdmin in Programming Languages

I'm having a strange problem with cookies which are being sent and received properly but are inaccessible to JavaScript on Internet Explorer. Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari JavaScript is fine.

Post to "", response sets cookies, issu

Programming 'PHP'
by vferman in Programming Languages

I have always wanted to learn a programming language and being able to use HTML. XHTML and CSS for building my web page(s) and getting them validated i thought it time to move on and learn a programming language 'PHP'. So is there anyone out there who would be willing to help me get started? Getting
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