Prestashop CMS configration

Hi I'm totally new to Prestashop and installing it first time can
any one tell me What is mcrypt in Prestashop?

i have prestashop 1.5 installed on server A, on server B there is
prestashop 1.4 installed with thousands of products and database size
is about 500mb. I want to import all those products, categories,
customers and their addresses from 1.4 installation to 1.5
installation. I have access to both servers. CSV export for products
is taking like forever what should i do to import this all to 1.5.

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Hi I'm totally new to Prestashop and installing it first time can
any one tell me What is mcrypt in Prestashop?

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I have a problem I can't solve myself and I would appreciate some

Situation: I needed to add form with POST method to
CMS page. I created custom hook and a module displaying the form
successfuly. Then I need to react to user input errors eg. when user
doesn't enter email address I need to detect it, display the whole
page again together with the form and with "errors" in user input
clearly stated.

Problem: The problem is to display the
WHOLE page again with connected information (eg. about errors etc.).
In the module PHP file when I add this kind of code,

/>return $this->display(__FILE__, 'modulename.tpl'); />
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I'm trying to display an error when the user submits data from a
form, but no error.

try putting in the driver (forcing you
to show me an error)
as follows

public function
$ this-> errors [] = Tools ::
DisplayError ('Invalid e-mail address');

and in the template

{include file = "$ tpl_dir. /
<form method="post"
action="{$request_uri|escape:'htmlall':'UTF-8'}" class="std"
<label for="email"> {l s = 'E-mail'} </
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Friend i want to buy New PC , so please tell me the best configuration
of PC. i will use this PC at home as a personal computer, so i need
some suggestion what can i add in PC configuration ? so suggest me

I'm currently creating a customized page based on Bootstrap so I
cannot pass through the CMS.

I created a file Mypage.php that I put at the
Prestahop root containing this code :


Then I created a controller MypageController.php
containing this code in override/controllers/front :

class MypageControllerCore extends FrontController
public $php_self = 'Mypage.php';
public $ssl = true;

public function preProcess()

public function setMedia()

public function displayContent()
$_POST = array_merge($_POST, $_GET);

And finally I put a Mypage.tpl file in my theme
directory with my HTML code.

I naturally erased cache/class_index.php but I still
get a 404 error. Any ideas?

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