Problem in Wikipedia API

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I have problem using the Wikipedia API. I use this PHP script,

$xmlDoc = new DOMDocument();
print $xmlDoc->saveXML();

and I have the following result in the browser. Why?

[domdocument.load]: failed to open
stream: HTTP request fail

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Wikipedia : Java library to remove wikipedia text markup removal
by Sweden in Programming Languages

I downloaded wikipedia dump and now want to remove the wikipedia markup in the contents of each page. I tried writing regular expressions but they are too many to handle. I found a python library but I need a java library because, I want to integrate into my code.

Thank you.

[ubuntu] I cant install Wikipedia CD (0.5) nor the Pocket Wikipedia
by teabagbrewster in Programming Languages
Hi I am new to Ubuntu. I need Wikipedia off line so I tried a few suggestion: ( )
I unzipped pocketwikipedia and nothing happens when I click on the WikipediaL file.
I tried to google a possible way but nothing ( i tried chmod 755 or
Problem in Wikipedia API
by ArmHead in Programming Languages

I have problem using the Wikipedia API. I use this PHP script,

$xmlDoc = new DOMDocument();
print $xmlD
[ubuntu] Amarok and Wikipedia problem
by skh in Programming Languages
Hi Ubuntu Community:
I'm using Amarok 2.3.0 on Gnome.
In the past, when I played songs, Amarok would find the artist name of the music, and find that musician's Wikipedia page.
Now, Amarok's ability to find those pages is not working so well. It seems to search for "Artist Name (
Getting Wikipedia Article Summary using NSScanner Problem
by Belgium in Programming Languages

I am trying to get the summary of an article and download it as a string. This works great with some articles, but the wikipedia website is inconsistent. So NSScanner fails pretty often while it works fine for other articles.

Here's my NSScanner implementation:

Jacobi algorithm problem... could wikipedia be wrong?
by unfool in Programming Languages
I am working on a c implementation of the jacobi algorithm, using wikipedia as an example.
I was trying to follow along with the given example on the page;
Jacobi method - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The starting matrix A = [2 3,5 7]
then the lower is said to be [0 0,-5 0]
Problem with google maps Wikipedia layer
by mvonballmo in Programming Languages
On Android 1.6, Google maps version: 3318, Acer liquid
Map shows wikipedia 'W' s but when you click on them, it just shows two options:
1. Show on map
2. Get Directions
It Does not show wikipedia article summary :confused:
Earlier it used to, but then I was installing bunch
Wapedia: 4 Wikipedia & more!: Best Wikipedia App I've used
by rascator in Programming Languages
This has to be my favorite Wikipedia app that I have used so far. It is loaded with features and it is extremely easy to use.
You can use it to browse Wikipedia or you can change between the 50+ other Wiki's that it offers. It includes almost all of the most popular Wiki's and if one tha
[FREE APP] Wikipedia (Ad Free) -- a 100% ad-free, super slick Wikipedia app
by Dittmar in Programming Languages
Hi guys! I've just uploaded a free Wikipedia app to the Marketplace. It's completely ad-free :)
Check it out here:
or here:
Wikipedia (Ad Free)
✔ No a
by Roel van Dijk in Programming Languages
There is a free encyclopedia called wikipedia
( Does anyone knows how to use it in order
to get various articles for diplaying them in my application?
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