Please help me with the code for the following question

22/12/2014 9:55 am

Write PHP Code for printing the difference between the number of days from Date of Birth to the current date such that it should accept the Date of birth in Date field and Current date should be Printed from the system current date. EXAMPLE::Dateofbirth:25-02-2014. current date:17-11-2014. RESULT:Number of days:266.

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Code igniter authentication code in controller security question
by David Bjornn in PHP

I have a main controller to handle the very front-end of my authentication system, it handles login, logout, update user info, etc. functions that I anticipate calling by POST'ing from views/forms. What about something like a "delete_user" function though? My thoughts are a button in someones adm

Question on Error Return Code SQL0902 Reson Code 18
by MadViking in PHP
can anybody tell me what the reason code 18 means in combination with
a SQL0902 error?
It would be helpful to know details about the reason code but I could
not find any details about that code.
Here is the full error message (out of a DataStage job)
Code question, db from code bank...user login
by Delaware in PHP
Code question, db from code bank...user login
I just tried this database in the code bank to view which users are in a database.....I am using access 2007.
When I changed the code to the path of the database I want to view (it is on a shared drive) it gave
a question about calling unmanged code from managed code
by Charlie98 in PHP
how to convert the following strut into safe struct in c#?
struct in C++:
typedef struct
char m_username[USER_LEN];
char m_password[8];
char m_userIP[16];
typedef struct{
char m_starthour;
char m_startmin;
char m
intel machine code to assembly code question
by tanminivan in PHP

experts,i wonder the intel x86 machineCode/assemblyCode conversion is singleSide or bothSide?

means: assemblyCode ---> machineCode and machineCode ---> assemblyCode are both available.

since the x86 machineCode is vary in size (1-15 byte),and opcode vary in (1-3 byte),how

Resizing image code question (already have code, just curious about it)
by taviso in PHP
Resizing image code question (already have code, just curious about it)
I'm curious about a couple lines of code in the following code block.
I found the following code at: blog[dot]circlecube[dot]com/2009/01/tutorial/how-to-as3-resize-a-movieclip-and-constrain-propor
Code Question (hard code or not)
by Mason McCuskey in PHP

Hey everyone, Im creating a Tic-Tac-Toe game and i was wondering if i would need to hard code my function in order to get "pretty" output. Like underscores between the rows and a line between the columns.
Pretty much have the game in a table labeled columns/rows with the column number and ro

Run Code within code.. Newbie Question
by Rhoxed in PHP
Howdy All, Im hoping someone might be able to please help me...
Ive got code so that when a combo box is updated the code runs,
Private Sub combo1_AfterUpdate()
Which works fine, but Ive also got a button, which updates the value of that combo box, and I need to get that button
Reference question and code question
by sirjoekcb in PHP

Greetings all,
Firstly, I am just now starting to use CSS instead of tabled layouts. I must say I am impressed by the power of CSS, but am still learning the ins-and-outs of it.
I was wondering if there are any good references/books you'd suggest purchasing or looking at online
Question about login and another question about a code.
by David Mercer in PHP
My friend have cookies disabled therefore i created a "remember me" checkbox, when its checked, the user is logges using
cookies, when it doesnt, the user is logged using sessions.
The problem is even when using sessions he is unable to log in.
How come? does sessions use
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