irulu startup sound

How can I turn off the sound at startup on irulu tablet?
Hi there,
being new at Ubuntu (Hardy), I wanted to explore the
possibilities for audio and MIDI sequencers yet I got a bit frustrated
This was because I could play several programs
flawlessly,... but the day afterwards I was never sure they would
still work.
My media player (Rythmbox) always gave me sound but I
like to play around with sound and that was not always sure.
appears that I can get sound out of them only when I heard the bongo
sound that you hear when the password screen appears.
When I
don't hear that sound I have to shut down the computer and restart it.
This mostly works from the first or second attempt.
I would b
Hey guys, let me describe my situation to you -
* I have a
Toshiba A215-???? laptop (can't remember the last four numbers,
* Running Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid kernel 2.6.27-4-generic.
Upgraded from Hardy recently, in which sound worked perfectly.
The sound driver that has consistently works for me is snd-hda-intel,
and ALSA.
* The start up sound when I'm logging into the Ubuntu
desktop plays fine
* The command "aplay -vv
whatever.mp3" works fine, I can hear the audio.
* Sound
seemes to be working in a virtual machine of mine using VmWare.
Sound throughout the system, however, does not work! (Firefox,
Rythmbox, whatever)
I'm on 8.10 Kubuntu and the startup sound gets muted after it starts.
I can not find a fix. Is it a unresolved bug? Do I need to set-up
Pulse; for specifically my Kubuntu 8.10 or not try Pulse, and set-up
something else?
Should I just wait or what should I do?
Using Ubuntu v8.10(Intrepid Ibex).
Whenever Ubuntu starts up, the
startup sfx keeps repeating itself for some odd reason. Then, when I
log in, I can't hear any sound at all.
I tried opening an mp3
file with mplayer and I got an error message along the lines of: />"Fatal Error
Mplayer interrupted by signal 13 in module:
followed by the standard mplayer crash
Try it with the Totem Player and I get a blank dialog
box with the Totem Icon on the top-left. Everything freezes and that
blank dialog box stays on-screen.
Checked out the Comprehensive
Sound Problem Solutions Guide as well. T
I recently upgraded to 10.04 from karmic. I have compiz
installed and I have nvida geforce 110m graphics card.
After the
install, the title bar in missing in all windows. I can however
recover it if I went to system->preferences->appearance and
checked normal or extra.
I hear the boot sound but no sound after
i log in. Both the title bar and sound were just fine in the previous
Any help?
Best Regards,
How can I turn off the sound at startup on irulu tablet?
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