Is Lg Flash tool down?

Coder Blues
23/12/2015 11:22 am
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I tried multiple times to use it, and each time it stops because it can't connect to it's server like if it was down. The twitter for the dev si gone too.
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Flash 5.0.1 N7 2013 Tool [Auto Flash 5.0.1 LRX22C][From Bootloop/Bootloader/Normal]
9/12/2014 10:06 pm by StereoPixel in Android

This Tool flashes Android 5.0.1 Lollipop to your Nexus 7 2013 Automatically in about 2 mins.
You dont need to know anything about flashing.
You can use that Tool if your Device is in Bootloop/ Bootloader Mode and Normal State.
[APP Tool] Flash Image GUI - Flash Kernels and Recoveries from normal Android mode!
by Vijayant Singh in Android
Here is a Flash guide for those of you with newer versions of the HBoot that would like to flash kernels and recoveries easily.. All credit goes to JK great stuff!!!
HTC Unlock - Hboot 1.5 User Guides for Flash Image GUI!!
This app will not flash Radio using HBoot 1.5
Explained b
Flash Flash Detection tool - quality is poor [if not horrendous]
by vferman in Android
Hey, all! I doubt this is the "proper" forum to post this question, but hey... I am sure one of you will have an answer for me! (Or so I hope!)
Anyway, I found the Flash detection tool over here, and I am testing it on a new site. It seems to be working properly; however, the quali
[TUTORIAL] How to flash LG phones with LG Flash Tool 2014
30/12/2014 1:09 pm by Dan in Android
Hello to you all I am making this flashing tutorial since I have seen enough people asking how to flash using this tool.
This tutorial will be 100% detalied and noob friendly, with pictures. So fasten your seatbelt and let's go.

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DaleNet Thrive Univeral Easy Flash Tool DaleNet Thrive Universal Easy Flash Tool
by rbonestell in Android
[Tool] DaleNet Thrive Univeral Easy Flash Tool DaleNet Thrive Universal Easy Flash Tool - This is for all Thrive ROM builds.
This release of DaleNet Universal Easy Flash Tool will allow you to root any ROM build that I have a boot image for. This tool uses an exploit that @TurnYourBackAndR
Some thorough tool for monitoring Flash + AS better than the Flash debugger?
by luger in Android
Some thorough tool for monitoring Flash + AS better than the Flash debugger?
I've run into a serious problem. Flash crashes after compiling my project several times. It never happened before and it doesn't happen with other simpler FLA's.
This project makes a lot of u
Is there any Flash tool to test Flash performance?
by thejunglegod in Android
Is there any Flash tool to test Flash performance?
Is anybody aware about any Flash tool (stand alone) which would show me the Flash performance in a specific plataform, like Linux on ARM, for example.
Something I could run and then it would show me the figur
A great flash tool for flash animators!
by Dahak in Android
It's called 'jAnimation Flash Tools' and has some awesome features that will most definitely speed up the animation workflow in flash. It's free and any flash animator should definitely check it out.
Some of the tools included are:
Rig Tool - Quickly turn any drawing into a symbol with the
Flash 8: Quiz Tool: I need help with creating a quiz tool for a job can anyone help
by DaveF in Android
Hello...I need to complete it by tuesday to get a job interview (my dream job) and I cant figure out how to make it work correctly. I put the file and product spec on my server as a zip. Can anyone help a very tired girl with this problem...
The zipped file can be downloaded from here:
Draw Line tool like flash line tool
by Pierre LeBoo in Android
I want to create a line tool exactly like flash line tool. But the code that I am using shows the line when we release the mouse button. How can I show the lines while it is drawing
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