Should I be using both AngularJS and ASP.NET MVC?

25/12/2015 9:47 am
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I started learning AngularJS and ASP.NET MVC, but am not sure why to use them both together in the same project?

Aren't they both MVC frameworks? Should I be using them both in the same application? Isn't it one or the other?

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AngularJS: Is ng-click “a good practice”? Why is there no ng-{event} in AngularJS?
by dante in Programming Languages

I just started to learn AngularJS and struggle with some concepts of AngularJS. It would be great if somebody could explain me some points...

I understand that ng-click is technically not the same as onclick (see here), but both are placed in the markup. I th

Chrome content script using AngularJS causing error on pages with an AngularJS app
24/11/2014 11:30 pm by Munir in Programming Languages

I'm having some trouble getting my angular-based extension to play nicely with pages already running angular. I managed to get most of the way with some help from this question: Using Angular in extension on a page that already uses angular TAGS: Chrome content script using AngularJS causing

[AngularJS]Is it recommended to use jquery method in angularjs controller?
27/11/2014 12:40 pm by AnthonyC in Programming Languages

As the title said,

Is it recommended to use jquery method in angularjs controller?

If not, how should i convert to angularjs below?

I know i can use directive but i need a clean and simple way. (Please provide code example)

$scope.onEnabled = function (id,
How to create AngularJS app using "angularjs admin template"
2/12/2014 8:23 am by weenerdog in Programming Languages

I am developing enterprise application it front-end is angularJS , I have download one of so called "angularjs admin template". What are the steps do we need take to implement my own application with help of this "angularjs admin template".

AngularJS widget method is not available on latest AngularJS
by Henrique in Programming Languages

I'm trying to run this slide on latest angular, but the widget method on angular object is deprecated

Is there an updated version of this slides using the latest version?

What should I modify to make the angu

AngularJS - How to set expiration date for cookie in AngularJS
by ews in Programming Languages

We want to store User's Authorization information in cookie which should not be lost upon refresh (F5) of browser.We want to store authorization info in "permanent-cookie" in case user has opted for "Remember Me" check box at the time of log-on.
How to open an angularjs page as a popup from another angularjs page
by deshao in Programming Languages

I have 2 CakePHP pages. Both of them use angularjs. Here's a snippet.


<div id="ng-app" ng-app>`
<div ng-controller="ItemController">
<a href="#" ng-click="showAddPopup">Add</a>
Using ng-if in Angularjs
27/12/2014 12:10 pm by Christian Seitzer in Programming Languages

I want to use ng-if inside angular js. I want to switch layouts if condition met.

data is like

if page 'text' than div1 and if page is 'story' then other div layout

Any help?

How to run AngularJS example
by lwl_seu in Programming Languages

I've done as described here: but can't run the phonecat example as AngularJS. It runs like a bunch of html files. For example, the app/index-async.html page gives me following error in Chrome's console:

Uncaught Error: No module: myApp
TAGS: AngularJS example
What is the best IDE for AngularJS?
by Idaho in Programming Languages

I am new to AngularJS and I would like to know what's the best IDE for AngularJS. I would like to be able to see all the JavaScript function from by typing the object name and dot. For example, AngularJS has variable named angular. I would like to be able to type "angular." in the IDE and see

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