parsing in vb6 of one online sportsbook [on hold]

from the outset i am not a programmer , i am an owner of several
vb6 programs , i need parsing of the online sportsbbok ,
to scrape data for the english soccer, EPL & championsip , and the
italian serie A & B for the wager type , match odds. i have 4
documents regarding this work if i could send an attachment , does
anyone know of a program that will do this work , thanks donar

My code: href=""

I am currently using Retrofit with Simple to parse XML file from
web API

I have tried using different Android API 18~21.

I have tried copying online examples of using Retrofit,
particularly retrofit's sample for json parsing. None of them work. So
I figured it is not my project's problem but Retrofit itself. However,
I see there are many Retrofit users, and would like to get some help
on how to even make it work.

The main error always come from when I am trying to get

<MyClass> mClass =

That particular line.

I am trying to do is simply an advice of how I'm using Retrofit
wrong. Because even mimicking the Retrofit sample doesn't work for

Although I am not sure if it is the problem, full log level tells
me that there is no body size, However, when I entered the url it
gives me, I get a full XML data

Web Development

I was looking at code to read one part of a XML file. I am trying
to get the first formatted_address from href=",-90.84519929999999&sensor=false"

I am also trying to input the coordinates from the JS geolocation
My Javascript code is

if (navigator.geolocation)
function showPosition(position)
//show coordinates
document.getElementById("location").textContent =
position.coords.latitude + "," + position.coords.longitude;
getZip(position.coords.latitude, position.coords.longitude);
function getZip(lat, long)
if (lat.length == 0)
document.getElementById("location").innerHTML = "An error
if (long.length == 0)
document.getElementById("location").innerHTML = "An error
if (window.XMLHttpRequest)
{// code for IE7+, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari
xmlhttp = new XMLHttpRequest();
{// code for IE6, IE5
xmlhttp = new ActiveXObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP");
xmlhttp.onreadystatechange = function ()
if (xmlhttp.readyState == 4 && xmlhttp.status == 200)
document.getElementById("location").innerHTML =
}"GET", "PHP/ZipCode.php/?lat=" + lat + "&long="
+ long, true);

And my PHP code is

//get the parameters from URL

$xml=("" +
$lat + "," + $long + "&sensor=false");

$xmlDoc = new DOMDocument();

//get and output "<result>" elements
for ($i=0; $i<=2; $i++)


echo ( $item);

Sorry if this is a duplicate but I didn't find anything else or
couldn't make sense of what I did find.

Sorry for the excessive amount of code. I put it because I was
unaware of what was causing the problem. I was wondering why the
variables in the url I created with Javascript didn't load in my PHP
file. I checked to see if I could just have it echo the variables but
it didn't work.

Web Development

I need to do some project specific automatic checking of source
codes written in C++


  • Algorithm and its implementation should be simple, easily
    maintainable, extendable and understandable without need of Computer
    Science degree.

  • Speed and memory consumption of algorithm does not matter.
    I can run it at night and see result next morning. So it can be
    100-1000x slower than fast but hard to maintain algorithms.

  • I want to write it myself and have fine control about it. No
    parser generator tools like flex, bison etc.

  • I dont want to use existing C++ parsers like CLang etc.

  • Please in answer dont use formal language theory. Try to explain
    it with simple language, understandable to ordinary self-taught

So what is the best and easy to implement universal parsing
algorithm if we assume speed and memory is not an issue?

EDIT: I experimenting with this approaches and
their combinations:

  • a) Initially some time ago i tried some form of
    recursive descent parsing.

    partical succes done with it, but its too rigid and hard to
    maintain, hard to hack and extend.

  • b) Repeated applying set of transformations on array of
    objects until there is no transformation to apply.

    At beginning each character from parsed source code is one object
    in array
    Then i have set of transformation functions:

    bool Build_...(
    vector<unique_ptr<CObject>>& objects );

    And each of those function removes one or more lower level object
    from array and replaces them with higher level object for example
    Build_Whitespacefinds sequence of space and tab
    characters and replaces them with one CWhitespace object.
    Build_Comments find sequence of characters which makes
    comment and replaces them with CComment object etc. (I
    dont want to remove whitespace and comments, whole processing needs to
    be done with them ) After each cycle is removed some lower level
    object and replaced with higher level object. And at end of this
    process there is few higher level objects like
    CFunctionDefinition, CClassDefiniton etc.

    So basically it works this way:

    bool objectsChanged = true;
    while ( objectsChanged ) {
    objectsChanged = false;
    objectsChanged |= Build_Whitespace( objects );
    objectsChanged |= Build_EndLines( objects );
    objectsChanged |= Build_Names( objects );
    objectsChanged |= Build_ForCycle( objects );

    This algorithm is of course very slow, but works, is simple and i
    think it can parse language of any complexity. It has also advantage
    of partial parsing, can parse incomplete code because it leaves
    language objects as is if they have unknown syntax.

  • c) Currently i am experimenting with parsing using
    reverse generation of source codes.

    Instead of trying to parse source code i am generating syntax tree
    for all possible source codes and compare each resulting code with
    one that needs to be parsed until i find one that match. This sounds
    crazy because there is infinite many possible source codes. But its
    not so bad as it sounds because comparing can be done early and whole
    tested subtrees avoided at first generated character which does not

Actually i think b) is better for my purposes and easier to use and
hack than c) which is more rigid and for succesful parsing of some
subset of code needs complete gramatical rules for every possible

What other posibilites you know about? What do you think about
selected approaches? Some other ideas?

Programming Languages

html table parsing using nokogiri.


This table each data.

추첨일 회차  당첨번호    파워볼 숫자함
홀/짝 대/중/소 숫자합구간 파워볼구간
2015-01-10 435518 03,05,19,23,28 78 짝(Even) 중(65~80) E
(66~78) C (5~6)

I using ruby,whenever.

task :power_ball do

doc =

power_ball = = doc.css('td')[5].text.to_s # it's not working

power_ball.number = doc.css('td')[6].text.to_s # it's not working

power_ball.powerball =

power_ball.number_total =

power_ball.string =

power_ball.number_total_line =

power_ball.powerball_line =


what should I do?

Web Development

Please help me with this error guys. I don't understand why it
keeps giving me this error:

Parse error on this line:

$i=mysql_query(“select * from table_name”);
Web Development

from the outset i am not a programmer , i am an owner of several
vb6 programs , i need parsing of the online sportsbbok ,
to scrape data for the english soccer, EPL & championsip , and the
italian serie A & B for the wager type , match odds. i have 4
documents regarding this work if i could send an attachment , does
anyone know of a program that will do this work , thanks donar

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