svn: add all my new files and directories

25/12/2015 9:47 am
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I'm using Solaris 10. I need to add to SVN everything I've placed in the sub directories of my SVN checkout. I have added files and directories and sub directories - is there a command to take care of everything at once?

If not, is there a command I can run to list all the items I have added that have not been added to SVN yet?

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How to create new directories and move .o files to it while compiling a kernel module from multiple directories/files
by OlioEngr in Unix

I'm trying to build a kernel module from files in multiple directories. I want to place the resulting .o files in new directories, created corresponding to each source directories.

For example, if my sources are A/a1.c , A/a2.c , B/b.c ; I want the .o files to go to A/new-dir/a1.o A/n

Python script for moving directories/files while ignoring certain directories/files using shutil?
by 007ELmO in Unix

I'm looking to build a python script that moves files/directories from one directory to another while referencing a list that notes the files to be copied over.

Here is what I have thus far:

import os, shutil
// Read in origin & destination from Read
List files from directories and sub directories in java including only partial file paths
by codelurker in Unix

I need to get the paths of files and their parent directories in java from a given directory but not including it.

So for example, If my method was given the path: /home/user/test as a path it would return the paths of all files in that directory and under it.

how to get the last modified date of the list of particular type files in directories and sub directories using sql query or stored procs
19/12/2014 9:50 am by jrok96 in Unix

here is what i tried. i tried to find list of all files in different directories in different server path but i need to get the date created or modified of each file please help.

IF OBJECT_ID('tempdb..#DirectoryTree') IS NOT NULL
DROP TABLE #DirectoryTree;


My code is detecting directories as files and files as directories
23/12/2014 11:40 pm by GarlicBreath in Unix

My code is detecting directories as files and files as directories. Why is it doing that? THanks

I've attacked the full function where the issues is occuring, sorry if it's messy! Thankyou for your help again!

unzip(getFilesDir() + "/", "", getFilesDir() +
[RESOLVED] Search Directories/Sub-directories for files of specific size
by zealot1983 in Unix
Hi all,
This is my first post so go easy :)
Im in the process of writing a small app which will search through a directory and its sub directories, locating files with a specific size eg 1mb or greater. (the size will be specified by the user). Ive written the below code which currently ta
How can i find a function which is included in multiple files from directories and sub directories?
by FrankSaucedo in Unix

Let's say i have this php function called from multiple php files


How can i find the files from which the function is called?

later edit: i want to do this on windows

code to copy files from directories to other directories
by BSim500 in Unix
what is the code that will allow you to copy all the file from one directory into another directory?
Or any code that might look similar
I have already made the code to find the files

Scaning sub directories of a current directories for files in C++
by DonMac in Unix
I want to know how can I scan all my current directory (i.e. its folder and sub folders) for a given file format, e.g. for .txt files, and then store these directory names and file names in a binary search tree. My main() looks somewhat like this:int main () // entry point of the program{ binary_
How to ignore some directories but NOT some files inside those directories with git?
by clubbedseal in Unix

Please note the following structure:

/assets --> this dir shouldn't be ignored. but SOME OF their contents SHOULD.;
ignoredfile.jpg --> should be ignored.
ignoredfile2.gif --> --> should be ignored.
/blog --> this dir shouldn't be ignored. but SOME OF
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