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25/12/2015 9:47 am
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Can somebody tell what will be the best solution for good battery life and good performance for s6, which rom, kernel and is there some tweaks?
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fsck during boot causes kernel panic on newest kernel, not older kernel.
by Ben in Android
fsck during boot causes kernel panic on newest kernel, not older kernel.
The forced check at boot, with the new kernel, doesn't seem to like my home partition, as it will have a kernel panic about 1/3 of the way through it. The screen is scrambled, so I don't have any information from that scr
Post Your OC Kernel Settings. (I/O, Gov, Min, Max) For Hyper Kernel and Marquee Unleashed 3-D Kernel
by Virginia in Android
Hi all, I just wanted to ask you peeps to post what settings you use for the OC kernels. I made a thread in one of the other sections for this and it ended up helping quite a few people getting their phones set up. I hope it does the same here.
If you will, please post what Kernel you are
how do programs communicate - micro kernel monolithic kernel exo kernel
by Shadowknight in Android

how do programs communicate with the micro kernel/monolithic kernel/exo kernel?

I have read many books that show as in the picture, that monolithic kernels communicates with the program through the system call table/filesystem layer.

But how do micro kernels

how to upgrade the Debian 3 kernel 2.4.18 to kernel 2.6 or bigmem- kernel
by terrestris in Android
Hi all
Dear friends,
we have a Dell 1850 with Debian with 2.4.18 kernel running some critical applications, now the issue is we need to upgrade the memory to 8 GB but the memory is detected by the bios itself, Operating system is not able to detect it, it is showing 3096MB of memory,

What the relationship between kernel tarball in and git tree in
by slpnshot in Android

I am interested in linux kernel development process. My question is in titile.

I visited This gitweb interface can generate tarball by snapshot. Does the maintainer grab the balls and put them on maybe too naive

[Kernel][Sense][SWAP][Freedom Base] Evo 4g Lionfish-ver 1.0 Kernel GB MR[Kernel][Sense][SW
by timswim78 in Android
New kernel, looks interesting (not mine of course, just sharing the link).
[Kernel][Sense][SWAP][Freedom Base] Evo 4g Lionfish-ver 1.0
Kernel GB MR
From OP:
by Marc Dong in Android
I have compiled kernel 2.4.18 .
I have followed the following sequence ...
make mrproper
make xconfig
make dep
make modules
make modules_install
then copied and bzimage to boot directory..
after this I reboot system with kernel 2.4
[Kernel][CM7][CM9][MIUI][CTMOD/H.A.R.] Kato Kernel Beta 0.4 - Overclocked 946MHz[Update 3/30/12]
by Stuka in Android
Thanks to: Hroark13, zcop, Koumajutsu, The~Skater~187, PlayfulGod, thachtunganh, Shabby and Interdepth. And the crash test dummies for putting their hardware in harms way Johnny424, Wetbiker7, thomasmbl, Slayer72.
DISCLAIMER: Extremely low or higher than
Base kernel compilation error - undefined reference to kernel function module
by Chunkee in Android
Hi all,
Currently we are facing a problem while calling kernel module functions from base kernel.
In other words I
New kernel problems - kernel panic - dpkg-gencontrol: error - 10.04 Lucid Lynx
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This is what I had to do to get a new kernel compiled on Lucid Lynx 10.04. I hope it helps somebody.
Follow this instruction
The basic instructions at worked pretty well but...
Problem one
I followed steps 1
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