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3g usage heat issue ..change modem xxlq6
I have a question. Since I Installed Intrepid on my Compaq Presario
CQ50-115NR I've noticed that my laptop doesn't heat up as it does with
vista, It stays cooler for a longer time. So I was wondering if it has
to do with the way ubuntu manages resources, I'm really guessing it
is, but I would like a more detailed explanation if possible. That way
I have another reason to participate (and bash windows :P) on a vista
vs ubuntu discussion.
Having lost one computer to heat I am now kind of a fanatic and obsess
over it. Normally mine runs as follows: GPU 35c CPU 33-35c HHD
processors 33-37c. Lately it has been running from 5 to 9
degrees higher in all catagories. Last night I cleaned my cpu and
heatsink and reapplied thermal grease. No change however. Then this
morning it occurred to me that the heat increase started about the
same time that I had installed Gnome Do and Docky, so I disabled them
and all temperatures returned to normal. Previously I had used awn
and had no issues. I don't know why or how but that's what happened
here on my machine.
My MBP 5,3 running 64bit 9.10 gets rather hot during use. If I touch
the case near the left speaker and along the top by the screen it is
sometimes almost too hot to touch. It gets that hot that when I have
shut the MBP down I don't close the lid as I am scared that the hot
case will damage the screen when closed together!
I'm scared I'm
gonna cook the laptop or an egg on it :)
I've been reading some
of the posts regarding this mentioning scripts and being able to alter
the fan speeds to hopefully solve this problem.
I'm still new to
linux and I don't have a problem running or installing scripts but I
need the confidence to do it knowing I am no
I dual boot Windows 7 and Ubuntu 10.04 on my Thinkpad Z61t. I noticed
that the laptop gets quite hot when running Ubuntu.
Is there
anything that I can do to resolve this?
I have a hp pavilion g7 quad core 8 gigs of memory a 120g ssd I
installed ubuntu 13.10 64 and I had the laptop shut down due to heat,
when I turned it on it said that it shut down because of to high of
temp. now I have it on a laptop fan cooler and it is running between
150 -180 at idle never had heat issues with 13.04
3g usage heat issue ..change modem xxlq6

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