[MOD] Enable ClearMotion on MIUI based ROMs

Gilmar Souza Jr.
25/12/2015 9:47 am
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Disclaimer: I have personally tested this on Redmi Note 2 (Angels and Demons ROM V4)

  • Rooted Redmi Note 2 (or MediaTek based device on MIUI 7 ROM)
  • TWRP or CWM recovery installed
  • Flashable zip file containing ClearMotion libraries ported to MIUI
(Please don't mirror the file to other file sharing services: and don't mind the adfly link. The port is being given to you free of cost; and you compensate for it simply by not mirroring it. Thank you :) )

  • Download the file "Enable_ClearMotion_v1_for_Redmi_Note_2_by_Hasaan6 545.zip" and place it in your sdcard
    Using "Root Explorer", navigate to "system/build.prop" and use its built in text editor to add the following lines at the end of the file. Don't forget to add an extra empty line at the end.


(Alternatively, you may add these lines to your build.prop file using any build.prop tweaker from Play Store)
  • Reboot into TWRP recovery and backup your ROM (just in case: Don't skip this step
  • Flash the file "Enable_ClearMotion_v1_for_Redmi_Note_2_by_Hasaan6 545.zip" and reboot your phone.
  • Play a video using MX Player (or any player that supports HW decoding) and feel the difference ;)

For more details on ClearMotion Technology and how to check if it is working for you: HERE
Download link: HERE


AOSP ROMs for Redmi Note 2 offer ClearMotion and MiraVision by default; however, there are advantages of using ClearMotion on MIUI instead of switching to AOSP: (These advantages are subjective: no offence intended to AOSP fans - I myself am one.)
  • Camera with MediaTek's InstantFocus™ and TrueBright™ technology: On MIUI, we retain a good quality camera that we have to sacrifice when switching to AOSP. (Yes, the fast focus speeds and superior image quality on MIUI ROMs are not due to the "so-called" PDAF sensor; it's because of Helio X10's InstantFocus and TrueBright technologies; both of which are operational in MIUI Camera.
  • Most AOSP ROMs for Redmi Note 2 are (currently) plagued by an assortment of deep sleep bugs that pop up at times and drain battery during standby. This is very annoying; and is attributable to AOSP Lollipop Build 5.0.x more than the ports itself.
  • Slow Motion feature on MIUI is superior to that in AOSP's (the latter needs the stock camera app and saves videos that can be played in slow motion only through the stock video player; whereas MIUI actually exports a slow motion video in mp4 format that can be played using any player, and can also be shared)
  • I really feel suited to AOSP, but the MIUI ROM also has much eye candy to offer.
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[MOD] Enable ClearMotion on MIUI based ROMs
25/12/2015 9:47 am by Gilmar Souza Jr. in Android
Disclaimer: I have personally tested this on Redmi Note 2 (Angels and Demons ROM V4)

  • Rooted Redmi Note 2 (or MediaTek based device on MIUI 7 ROM)
  • TWRP or CWM recovery installed
  • Flashable zip file containing ClearMotion libraries porte
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