Did you enjoy school?

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Did you enjoy school?
I really wish I could bring a netbook to type my notes in class but
our school won't allow it because they are a distraction, and I do
somewhat agree. What about your school?
According to the Arizona Republic, Niesluchowski was asked
to resign after allegedly using his position at the Higley Unified
School District to exercise his own (and our) need for an alien
This was not a case of uploading pictures of potential
lady friends from Eastern Europe. No, this was a rather more
imaginative downloading of software that searches for
extra-terrestrial life.
The Republic's sleuths got their hands on
documents that suggest Niesluchowski was encouraged to resign after he
downloaded free University of Cal
I do. This has happened to me on two occasions this week (Monday,
Wednesday), and it does me head in.
On Monday, I woke up feeling
ill. I told my mum about it, but she told me to get a mug of tea for
myself because "it will make me better". I did, no
difference. So I told my mum that I was still feeling sick. She told
me to "man up and brave it", but I still complained, so she
finally gave in and cancelled my taxi.
Today (Wednesday), I woke
up at 03:00 GMT with a sore stomach, but I managed to get back to
sleep for another couple of hours. Unfortunately, when I woke back up
at 07:00 GMT, my stomach started hurting again, and I was feeling
Hi everyone and happy new year!
I'm IT of a School and i'm very
interested on implementing School Tool (schooltool.org). I would be
hosting it on a cloud server with the purpose of having it centralized
and to become accessible to the teachers in their different centers so
they can work with it no matter where they are.
From what i've
read looks very good and powerful in customization but I have a few
questions that i would be happy if they can be answered from anyone
who knows or have worked with this before:
It is possible to
print all the academic progress of the total number of students not by
materia but for grades and assistance?
Hello, I am Director of Technology at a Charter middle / high school.
It has come time for us to renew our microsoft licensing agreement and
the idea of going opensource and using edubuntu was brought up.
am very familiar with active directory and group policy editor in a
windows domain, but how does that all work in a linux domain? Will I
have as much control and how easily/quickly could I get this going?
Did you enjoy school?

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