How to Setup Your New Chromecast

31/12/2015 9:58 am
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When we first reviewed the Chromecast back in 2013 we showed you how to set it up, but the Chromecast now comes in a sleeker, more powerful, and better designed package so we’re back with updated instructions.

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chromecast setup
by TwiceOver in Computers
So just got the chromecast and trying to set it up but haven't trouble... It's connected to wifi but when it scans for the chromecast it disconnects my wifi on my phone. If someone could help that be awesome
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How to Setup Your New Chromecast
31/12/2015 9:58 am by dormsbee in Computers

When we first reviewed the Chromecast back in 2013 we showed you how to set it up, but the Chromecast now comes in a sleeker, more powerful, and bette

unable to setup chromecast
by icode.cs in Computers
My chromecast won't link with my wifi. I'm using a Medialink MWN-WAPR150Nv2 router. It's on the list of known issues on google: [Only registered and activated users can see links. Click Here To Register...]
It says to update the firmware of my router, which I did. But it didn't help. I contacte
[Q] Chromecast setup problems.
25/12/2014 1:06 am by HidingInABunker in Computers
So, I'm setting up my new chromecast, but have have run into a problem. I'm able to find and connect my phone/PC to the chromecast itself, but it won't connect to my home (setup hangs at "connecting"). After a while I get an error message a la "can not establish contact with chro
Chromecast and Belkin routers setup help.
by StereoPixel in Computers
Anyone else having trouble configuring the chromecast via WiFi with a belkin router? I have tried at my Mother's house with my personal chromecast that works fine at my home with an apple time capsule but could not for the life of me get the chromecast to work via the belkin. I gave up after an hour
Unable to setup Chromecast dongle
by Janne Lammi in Computers
I've been unable to setup my Chromecast dongle and seeing the following error.
Would someone please help me? :-(
How to setup ChromeCast on 7 year old Panasonic 42 plasma.
by bkircher in Computers
My seven year old Panasonic Plasma has one HDMI port now connected to my DVR. No USB port. Only USB port is on my Direct TV DVR.
When I plug ChromeCast in DVR port white light appears on ChromeCast but no selection on TV/Video shows setup for CC. Will this TV work
with the CC plug-in?
Unable to find Chromecast on Wifi network during setup
by LookBehindYou in Computers
I have an Actiontec PK500 modem/router. I've made sure that the uPnP is enabled. I can't get this thing to setup. Anyone have this setup and got it to work?
Chromecast: Internet Connections Drops When Turning on My TV That Has Chromecast Plugged In
by tedrodai in Computers
I have a Chromecast dongle connected to one TV so far, and it works fine, except I'm having an issue with internet connectivity. If I'm on my laptop via wifi, for example, and someone else turns on the TV to which Chromecast is plugged in, I lose my internet connections briefly. The loss is usually
Chromecast: Can you mirror the entire Chrome web browser on to the TV using Chromecast?
by ti22 in Computers
Or is the functionality only limited to video inside the webpages? If we can mirror the entire browser including the address bar etc. from a laptop, Chromecast will be a big threat to AirPlay and AirPlay mirroring. It would be awesome if we can do this.
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