What to Do If You Forget Your Mac’s Password

31/12/2015 9:58 am
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Can’t remember your Mac’s password? Don’t worry. With the default settings, you can simply try logging into your Mac. Fail enough times and you’ll be able to reset your password with your Apple ID. But this won’t always work.

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[all variants] Set login password to "forget password immediately"
by seph87 in Computers
Hello, Natty 11.04, Xfce4. When I mount a LUKS partition, it gives the option to "forget password immediately".
Since the normal OS login process entails a password(which is still stored as 'shadow' password(I think), is there a way to have the login process also have an option
Forget Password in PHP
by DSLer in Computers

Hello Guys

I am working on a website

I am not getting the forget password

can u please help me in solving problem please

Thanks in advance

forget password (help me !!)
by bjorngylling in Computers

hi everybody

this project my graduate project pls help me .. i dont understand where is error and how to sending mail ?

mr.php-------------<html><body><table width="380" border="0" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1" ><tr><td width="33%"><strong>En
Forget password :
by dreshyne2g in Computers

hi all
iam new in postgresql
i convert from oracle recently
i have one problem
in oracle when i forget my password
i can connect with as sysdba
can i do some thing like that in postgresql

Forget password of pc
by svn in Computers

i forget password of my Pc in which install window XP. any one who give me idea that how to start computer without giving password

Forget Password
by vi edit in Computers
Forget Password
I am using HC7 to manage my hosting plans for my company. The hosting Server have Mail server (MDaemon) and it configured. However, SMTP service in IIS6.0 is not enable. I tried to get password to login HC7. it is tested 2 times :
first time : Boths
Forget your password?
by squarecut1 in Computers

I have 3 fields in my table; name, email and password. I try to find the codes for the lost password like this BBS use when you post your message.
Can you help? Thanks!

What if I forget my password?
by Braxos in Computers
I was just asked this question by a friend of mine who's thinking about installing Ubuntu & I didn't know the answer. I'm the only one with administrator priviliges on all my computers so if I forgot my password am I
up a creek. Would there be a way to boot the live CD & reset it or wo
forget my password
by Douglas Stockwell in Computers
hi, can some please tell me how can i access my computer without my username and password.
Forget Password
by Edo in Computers
Can anyone tell me how to write the forget password function in my web page.My web page havent publish yet. Just using it as local host. Means dont have domain yet.
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