How do blog commenting in SEO ?

31/12/2015 9:58 am
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Please guys reply give me, How do blog commenting in SEO ?

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Is Blog writing better than Blog commenting?
by Traveling around the world in Webmasters
I have done blog commenting in 100 blog sites but I got no benefit after i made only 20 blogs then i got lots of traffic and my website got a high rank in search engines.
what is your opinion Please share your thoughts.

Blog commenting !! $ !!
by yaplik in Webmasters

Which do you prefer to comment on a blog, an old article with pr or to comment on a fresh article but no pr?

What is Blog Commenting
17/11/2014 1:07 am by Niels Kloster in Webmasters

Can u please tell me how i do a Blog Commenting, How to search a blog commenting sites Related to Auto or Car.
If anyone have a blog commenting sites please provide me.

Thanks in Advance
How We Have to do blog commenting?
by tontod in Webmasters

Hey friends i have one question . And can you tell me one thing that if i am working on the particular keyword for for example ( web design company) and i am commenting through XYZ name …as you have told that we don’t have to put our keywords in the name field as i have put down my l

Need help on Blog Commenting
by iamwiz82 in Webmasters
Need help on Blog Commenting
I need suggestions on usefulness of blog commenting in link building and SERP improvisation.
Also some useful blog with good PR and do follow links.

Blog commenting :- -
by chardin in Webmasters
I commented in several blog site with my name, email and website and then post comments. Some of them instantly approved, some of which waiting for moderation but some of them showed nothing. Can anybody tell me the reason why some blog site does not show comments in the commenting area.
How does Blog Commenting help??
by terrestris in Webmasters
Is blog commenting really helpful and if so how? What are these Do follow blog comments and how are they helpful in blog commenting??
Are Blog commenting Useful? And How?
by GunnarHafdal in Webmasters
Are Blog commenting Useful? Does this will help in increasing my traffic?
Help me on blog commenting
by chuck1723 in Webmasters
What is the best way to approved blog commenting. One of my friends suggested me to go for auto commenting tool which can make thousands of comments with in a span of time. But I think i will be penalized If I go for that.. Suggest me a best strategy for making enough Do-follow blog comments
How do blog commenting in SEO ?
31/12/2015 9:58 am by ozymandius42 in Webmasters
Please guys reply give me, How do blog commenting in SEO ?

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