What is price of samsung galaxy ?

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Hello friends...

I need one Samsung phone.
Who else is really excited about this? Their chipset can do 30 million
I bought this nifty android phone last week. On .xda developers forum
the official solution to connecting to this phone is to use virtualbox
and install windows and a program called "kies" I don't
think there's many linux users over there.
I've done this and
found a random xp torrent which installs nicely. Unsure about the
security aspect but will disable Internet access. Still working on
getting it to sync under Windows. Makes me sick to even try to use
Regardless, under the 4 different syncing functions
available on the phone I can only get my pics off of the Media player
syncing option with F-spot (just like my iPhone). So that's good.
Hello. I've got an up-to-date Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, for which
I've also got an external keyboard. This keyboard is a Samsung one.
For some characters, I've got issues. For example the "@" is
impossible to write. I therefore downloaded the program "External
Keyboard Helper". I however need to launch it every time I plug
the keyboard. It gives me a list of two choices concerning the typing
mode: "Samsung keyboard" or "External Keyboard
Helper". I then need to choose "External Keyboard
Helper", for which the choice of the "belgian" layout
gives me the correct layout, with "@" and so on. The issue
is twofold:

1) In the "parameters" menu, my "Samsung keyboard"
checkbox is grey and cannot be unchecked. The "External Keyboard
Helper" checkbox is checked too. How can I manage to make the
aforementioned choice of "External Keyboard Helper"
automatic when I plug the keyboard?

2) Moreover, when I check "External Keyboard Helper" in the
"External Keyboard Helper" menu, unplugging the keyboard
results in no virtual keyboard. I wish the virtual keyboard would

Note that the configuration is the following:

* External Keyboard Helper is configured to have a Belgian layout; />
* Samsung Keyboard is configured to have French(CA) or French(FR)

Thanks for any help.

All the best,
which phone is Samsung Galaxy A5? i just saw an update on a
website which shows that Samsung galaxy A5 firmware update?


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I need info about under which dpis both Samsung Galaxy s5 and
Samsung note 4 like do they come under xxhdpi or xhdpi or hdpi ?

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Hello friends...

I need one Samsung phone.

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