Social Bookmarking Effective ?

Peter H
31/12/2015 9:58 am
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Hi friends,

Is Social bookmarking still Effective.

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How Effective is Social Bookmarking
by ec888 in Webmasters
I am new to social bookmarking . How effective is social bookmarking for improving serps?
is social bookmarking effective?
by Drift King in Webmasters
i have bookmarked many of my sites and waited a few weeks but no increase in traffic. i use social marker, about 20 out of 50. am i wasting my time?
Social Bookmarking Effective ?
31/12/2015 9:58 am by Peter H in Webmasters
Hi friends,

Is Social bookmarking still Effective.

Is HPR Social Bookmarking and Directory still effective in 2013?
by maximumbob in Webmasters
I am submitting my website in High page Rank Bookmarking and Directory since a month but not getting result. Is this off-page actives still work?
Is forum posting more effective than social bookmarking?
23/12/2015 5:11 am by acacio in Webmasters
I've learnt about both social bookmarking and forum posting. Which method is more effective for promoting your page and its social rank. What other methods can be used to promote my page?
What is the effective way to use social bookmarking sites for increase site traffic ?
by Barak in Webmasters

Hi, Everybody,
I have submitted my site information in many social bookmarking sites and now I want to know that what should I do for getting traffic from these sites. Should I submit my site information again and again with different-2 title, keyword and description ? Please suggest me what

Social Bookmarking Service to Top 30 Social Bookmarking Sites...Only $3.99
by bauer100 in Webmasters
Social Bookmarking Service to Top 30 Social Bookmarking Sites...Only $3.99
What Is Social Bookmarking?
> Social marketing is the latest hot in web marketing for 2007. Social bookmarking sites like technorati, Del.ic.ious, Diigo, Stumble upon, furl and others play a
Adding Social Bookmarking/ Social Networking Links into Blogger Template
by mndoci in Webmasters
I recently redesigned by Blogger Blog by using a new template. I have implemented the template, but am having two problems.
I want to make the buttons at the top of my screen to resemble the "Share This" section of this page (near the bottom) of this page. I have coped the HTML and tr
Ideas for promoting a social bookmarking/social directory website
by Steven Weber in Webmasters
I recently launched, which is somewhat of a social bookmarking / social directory site.
I am having a hard time thinking of ways to promote a site like this and hoping you all would have some ideas, being the experts you are ;). Any tips on how to drive traffic or improve my s
Difference between the social media optimization and social bookmarking
by energy95 in Webmasters

Please tell me what is the difference between social media optimization and social bookmarking????

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