Elan Fine Jewelry Provides Jewelry Repair Solutions

11/1/2016 7:43 am
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Danville CA, Elan Fine Jewelry is proud to report that they provide quality jewelry repair solutions to those with jewelry that is broken, scratched or worn. Danville CA Custom Jewelry Design professionals understand the methods and equipment which is needed to restore jewelry to the best possible condition. The repairs may include fixing broken clasps, re-setting gems into their settings and repairing broken chains. The plating of jewelry, gold, silver or other precious metal, can be replaced. Smoothing or filling cracks and scratches is another repair issue.

The scope of available repair services is extensive. The metals which can be used are silver, platinum and gold, as well as enameling services. Jewelry can be welded, using lasers or soldered, depending on the needed repair. Bezel settings may need to be repaired or restored. Plating services using rhodium, platinum, silver or gold can be completed.

The jewelry might be only valuable for its sentimental value, but to the owner, its safety is a crucial element. The safety of each piece entrusted to the care of the professionals at Elan Fine Jewelry is always observed. The repairs are done at the Danville site and visitors may watch the process of artisans at work.

Many of the goldsmiths have been trained in the Old World, but they also are familiar with the most current technology. They are able to create designs with computer-assisted drawing in order to identify the specifications needed for a particular piece. The repair professionals might use laser welders to repair a particular piece. Gemstones can be returned to their original settings by hand.

Learn more repair services for jewelry by visiting the website at http://www.elanfinejewelers.com.Press members and others who have queries concerning the included press information should contact the firm at the address listed below.

Firm: Elan Fine Jewelry
Address: 350 Railroad Avenue, Danville, CA 94526
Contact Phone Number: (925) 837-3191
Email: bittum@elanfinejewelry.com
Website: http://www.elanfinejewelers.com

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