Congruent Chiropractic In Walnut Creek, Helps Hundreds In The Local Community

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Walnut Creek CA, 05-FEBRUARY-2016 - Congruent Chiropractic and
Dr. Trevor Minton are pleased to announce that the chiropractic
methods which they offer are effective for hundreds of patients in the
community. The  title="" target="">Walnut Creek Chiropractor uses only
natural and non-invasive techniques which do not rely on drugs to
eliminate symptoms of pain. Because chiropractic methods encompass
more than just pain cessation, community residents improve overall
wellness levels in the area.

Whether the
initial consultation with the doctor comes as a response to pain in
the patient, or whether is is a general desire to feel better overall,
the chiropractic philosophy is effective in promoting health. The
doctor can identify therapy for a specific patient, or can speak to
groups about more general wellness level improvement. The educational
sessions can be tailored to an age group or to interests of the
particular audience.

When the emphasis
becomes focused on wellness, rather than eliminating the symptoms of
illness or debilitating conditions, the overall health of the patient
and the wider community improves. The body is able to support a level
of health which begins at the cellular level. Good circulation,
appropriate nutrition and stress reduction methods are all ways to
improve health. In addition, in the person who gets adequate sleep and
has good posture, overall health is

A person who practices improved
wellness methods will have a better quality of life and may also live
longer. The chiropractor offers principles which are proven to be
effective in raising the community health level, as well as the
individual wellness.

Learn more about
improving the wellness quotient of the community by checking out the
web pages at target=""> today. Members
of the press and individuals who have more questions regarding the
contents of this press release are urged to contact Dr. Minton at the
location provided below.

Contact person name:
Dr. Trevor Minton, DC
Company Name: Congruent
Address: 1280 Civic Dr. Suite 111, Walnut
Creek, CA
Contact Telephone Number: (925) 279-4325

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