Hoss Lee Academy In Sacramento Provides Affordable Cosmetology School Programs

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Roseville CA, 06-FEBRUARY-2016 - Hoss Lee Academy is pleased to
announce that the school has a number of programs which permit
students to obtain a cosmetology education at an affordable price. The
courses are designed to meet the needs of both full time and part-time
students. When it is necessary to work while attending classes, the
instructors at Hoss Lee Academy will assist in arranging a workable
schedule. The target="">Beauty School Sacramento facility is set on a
beautiful campus with up-to-date classrooms and a fully equipped

There are several courses offered to
students enrolled at the academy. They include cosmetology and spa
operation. Because the courses can typically be completed in two years
or less, a student can be done with the coursework and earning a
lucrative income in a relatively short period of

The instructors are well-trained and
experienced in the courses which they teach. They have a personal
interest in helping students learn the principles of the career
choices. In addition to time spent in the classroom, each student
gains hands-on experience working with actual customers in the salon
which is associated with the school.

learn by doing, under the supervision of experienced instructors.
Clients from the community patronize the salon and give the students
the opportunity to work on real clients. Once the coursework is
completed, graduates are eligible to sit for the California State
Boards. Passing these standardized examinations makes students open
for career positions in California, nationwide and even in exotic
locations around the world.

Learn more about
affordable cosmetology school programs by going to the web pages at href="http://www.hossleeacademy.com" title=""
target="">http://www.hossleeacademy.com now. Members of the press
and others who have more questions about the contents of this press
release are urged to contact the school at the location provided

Company Name: Hoss Lee
Address: 200 Whyte Avenue, Roseville CA
Contact Telephone Number: (916)
Contact Fax Number: (916) 726-3213

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