Setup Simple Injector with ASP.NET Identity 2.2.1

7/5/2016 5:43 am
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So I've been trying to setup ASP.NET Identity 2.2.1 and I keep hitting roadblocks. For being something that is supposed to be auto-generated by the framework it sure seems complicated to configure. I think I'm almost there but I'm still having issues setting up IoC with Simple Injector.

I've been reading through other StackOverflow questions and blogs about these issues. Most of them seem out of date because they deal with ASP.NET Identity 1.0. Or they deal with other IoC frameworks and I just can't translate them to Simple Injector. I've used other IoC Frameworks but I'm new to Simple Injector.

1) I've placed all of the configuration code for ApplicationUserManager in it's constructor instead of in it's Create method.


public class ApplicationUserManager :
    public ApplicationUserManager(IUserStore<ApplicationUser>
        IdentityFactoryOptions<ApplicationUserManager> options)
        : base(store)
        // Configure validation logic for usernames
        UserValidator = new UserValidator<ApplicationUser>(this)
            AllowOnlyAlphanumericUserNames = false,
            RequireUniqueEmail = true
        // Configure validation logic for passwords
        PasswordValidator = new PasswordValidator
            RequiredLength = 8,
            RequireNonLetterOrDigit = true,
            RequireDigit = true,
            RequireLowercase = true,
            RequireUppercase = true,
        var dataProtectionProvider = options.DataProtectionProvider;
        if (dataProtectionProvider != null)
            UserTokenProvider = new
                dataProtectionProvider.Create("ASP.NET Identity"));

2) I've created a custom implementation of UserStore with nothing in it for the time being.


public class ApplicationUserStore :
    public ApplicationUserStore(ApplicationDbContext context)
        : base(context)

3) I've commented out both of the app.CreatePerOwinContext() lines in Startup.Auth.cs.

4) In AccountController I removed the empty constructor, the UserManager class, and Dispose method. I changed the Constructor to the follow:


public ISecureDataFormat<AuthenticationTicket>
AccessTokenFormat { get; private set; }
private ApplicationUserManager _applicationUserManager;

public AccountController(ApplicationUserManager
    ISecureDataFormat<AuthenticationTicket> accessTokenFormat)
    _applicationUserManager = applicationUserManager;
    AccessTokenFormat = accessTokenFormat;

5) So finally, setting up Simple Injector IoC

Simple Injector

var container = new Container();



    () => HttpContext.Current.GetOwinContext().Authentication);

So the biggest problem is that with this setup, I get an error about ApplicationUserManager.

Additional information: The configuration is invalid. The following diagnostic warnings were reported: -[Lifestyle Mismatch] ApplicationUserManager (Web Request) depends on IdentityFactoryOptions (Transient).

Also, I know that the HttpContext will cause issues since it's not setup at this point. I'll have to setup some type of factory pattern for it.

So I'm looking for any kind of help on fixing this error, how to setup the factory, advice if I'm breaking any kind of design patterns / best practices, if I should even be using ASP.NET Identity, should I try the version of Identity in ASP.NET Core 1.0, etc. Feel free to tear this apart because I'm really struggling to figure this out.


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So I've been trying to setup ASP.NET Identity 2.2.1 and I keep hitting roadblocks. For being something that is supposed to be auto-generated by the framework it sure seems complicated to configure. I think I'm almost there but I'm still having issues setting up IoC with Simple Injector.

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