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10/6/2017 3:09 am
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10X Crowdfunding reviews show that the program is effective in helping crowdfunders get more exposure on Indiegogo. The 10XCrowdfunding.com system is useful if you are trying to connect with more crowdfunders and reach the Indiegogo audiences. Most crowdfund marketing services only focus on wide promotion to the general public or social media community. 10X Crowdfunding is the only service that actually connects you with real crowdfunders and instantly gets your project more recognition with the Indiegogo community. Visit, 10xCrowdfunding for information.

10Xcrowdfunding as helped over a thousand projects get funded on Indiegogo. Many Indiegogo campaigns have been featured on the top pages of Indiegogo because of the amount of support and engagement they receive from the 10X program. Before joining 10X Crowdfunding, most crowdfunders have trouble reaching the Indiegogo audience. Even if you’re project is posted on the Indiegogo platform it can still receive little attention if not properly promoted.

10X Crowdfunding reviews your Indiegogo campaign and helps you boost it to the top pages. The program boasts one of the highest success rates for Indiegogo projects specifically. They currently do not have a 10X program for Kickstarter, only Indiegogo. That’s because of the unique ranking system that Indiegogo uses called the “gogo factor”. The 10X Crowdfunding team knows how to boost your project by manipulating its gogo factor score. This is a sure way to send any project shooting to the front pages and getting more funding from the indiegogo users.

The 10XCrowdfunding.com is especially useful for crowdfunders who are on a tight budget. The marketing is extremely cost effective compared to other marketing channels. Its also a great way to complement other marketing activities. As mentioned previously in this 10X Crowdfunding review, most crowdfunding services do not focus on reaching more Indiegogo users. Without 10X Crowdfunding you can miss out on the lucrative Indiegogo community and lose the funding that you deserve.

Why not make the most of your time on Indiegogo by joining the 10X Crowdfunding program? If you have an active project on Indiegogo then you know how frustrating it can be if you’re not getting new backers each day from Indiegogo.com. Every week 10X Crowdfunding reviews new projects and boosts them on Indiegogo. Learn more on their website 10XCrowdfunding.com and enter your project into their 10X program to see the results first hand. Good luck!

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10X Crowdfunding Reviews
10/6/2017 3:09 am by LizetteSaffold in Business

10X Crowdfunding reviews show that the program is effective in helping crowdfunders get more exposure on Indiegogo. The 10XCrowdfunding.com system is useful if you are trying to connect with more crowdfunders and reach the Indiegogo audiences

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