How to improve your Spanish skills?

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Learning a language takes time and patience. You won't see a change just overnight, you've got to stick with it. 
There are some tips to help you improve your Spanish skills.
1. Incorporate Spanish into your leisure time. You can watch movies with Spanish subtitles, listen to Spanish podcasts, or radios. You can use online Spanish English dictionary and translator to translate any word, phrases, sentences, or paragraphs that you don't understand.
2. Interact as much as possible with Spanish speakers
This will help you improve your speaking skills. You can try seeking out Spanish speakers to practice or use online resources to find people to talk to.
3. Take notes. This is a useful way to learn vocabulary. You can choose for yourself the most suitable note-taking style!
4. Believe in yourself. Don't be afraid. It's okay to make mistakes. The more you make mistakes, the better you learn. You shouldn't compare yourself to others!

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