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25/7/2017 3:18 am
HOME ยป Network & Servers is a private IP address which is familiar to every router-user who is setting up LAN-network or monitoring connections of the internal devices. By accessing to this IP address, you can enter the router control panel. Some routers as Netgear, Linksys, TP-Link or D-Link use it as the default, configured by the manufacturer. But whenever you need, you can always change it.
With the help of this IP address, you can manage the functions of your router, providing easier transmission of information. You can use it as the default gateway. In this way, will be responsible for processing and sending data to different destinations.

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I Have a DSL Modem & a Wireless Router: How Do I Determine the Router's IP Address?
by Brian O'Neill in Network & Servers

Your wireless router's IP address allows your computer to locate and communicate with the router. Most of the time, this IP address is used in the background, so you do not have to manually enter it. The exception is when you want to configure your router: to access the router's administrative tools
'No Internet Access' IP address shows router not the modem IP address
by Thyrius in Network & Servers

Hey everyone.
I've ran into a problem that I can't quite figure out. My internet connection shows 'no internet access' even though my ISP shows the connection is coming into the house just fine. I usually use a router (NetGear-WNR3500U) but I right now I have the Ethernet connection plugged dir
[ubuntu] Need to log in to router but have to set IP address to access router?
by MikeG in Network & Servers

OK in windows to log on to my router I had to do in the network configuration as the ip
and as the default gateway I had to do and then type in the web browser to access the router, but I dont know
what to do in ubuntu's network manager, ca
Can't access router settings from router address
by Fenix Drakken in Network & Servers

Background info: I can no longer connect to my wireless internet after having virtually no problems. I do still have internet, just not wifi.

So the problem is, according to system preferences on my macbook pro, my router's ip address starts with 172.... but when I put in said router addre

No internet connection (DNS server address is Router address)
by nobodyzzz in Network & Servers

My internet connection in Ubuntu 13.10 doesn't work. I can use IP addresses to open websites but not URLs. The DNS server that I connect to is the IP address of my Router. When I connect to the VPN of my employer I can access the web.I found the following hint to resolve a similar problem on this po
Determine IP address assigned to router by ISP (what is my ip address?)
5/12/2014 7:05 am by Massachusetts in Network & Servers

If I type this question into Google, I get tons of answers, but the first few pages are drowned in offers of web sites which reflect my IP address back when I access them.

Yet I cannot believe that it is necessary to do it that way. Lets exclude the following solutions:

router ip address
by protagonist in Network & Servers

anyone know how to get a network routers external ip address? any examples
w/b great!
Nov 20 05 #1 Post Reply Share this Question 3 Replies (adsbygoogle = window.adsb
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Mac address of the router
by Barfo in Network & Servers


Can someone suggest how we can get the mac address of the router in c++.


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router mac address !
by l1feh4ck3r in Network & Servers

I was wondering if it is possible to know the mac address of the router where you are connecting. For instance, if my mobile phone open a http connection using a wifi router, is it possible to know the mac address of the router?
thank you very much,
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IP Address router
by Mike in Network & Servers

hello all
I had written a program a while back which simply grabs the ip address of my pc and using ftp uploads the file to a webspace. (This was written in C++)
I have now purchased a Linksys router so now the IP address that I want is stored in the router and my pc gets a 192.168.0.x ip
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