BeyondBuzz Crowdfund Marketing Agency

BeyondBuzz is
crowdfund marketing agency located in West Hollywood. BeyondBuzz is a
unique digital marketing agency that focuses on launching new products
and ideas using crowdfunding. Their main services include crowdfund
consulting, project setup, pre-launch marketing, and aggressive
Crowdfunding on
Kickstarter and Indiegogo is what BeyondBuzz has become known for.
They are a performance crowdfunding agency. That means they partner
with crowdfunding projects to raise more money together. BeyondBuzz
takes a percentage of the funds raised. This makes their service
uniquely situated to help crowdfunders raise funds and launch their
ideas on crowdfunding websites. Visit, href=""
title="" target=""> reviews for more
The marketing team at BeyondBuzz
reviews new crowdfunding ideas in a Shark Tank style fashion. They
have a panel of crowdfunding experts and marketing gurus judge each
new idea that is submitted to them. BeyondBuzz reviews new
crowdfunding ideas on a ranking scale of 1 - 10. They access new ideas
based on a variety of factors, such as if the project is unique,
current trends, and the marketing potential to go
Once Beyond Buzz selects an
idea they will make an offer to partner. However, they do not take any
equity in the company. As a crowdfund marketing agency, Beyond Buzz
only takes a percentage of the funds that they raise together. Beyond
Buzz invests time, energy, and marketing expertise into the project.
After the project is funded, Beyond Buzz tracks all the new funding
they generated for the campaign and take a percentage of those funds.
It’s the kind of win-win partnership that many crowdfunders dream
of. features case studies of
crowdfunding projects that they recently helped fund. The agency also
helps entrepreneurs get featured on Shark Tank after they are
successfully funded. For many entrepreneurs the idea of getting
funding for their product or ideas on crowdfunding is already a dream
come true. But Beyond Buzz strives to help crowdfunders even after
they are already funded. Whether is social media marketing,
performance advertising, or
Many crowdfund marketing
services focus on charging for a a quick marketing burst. Beyond Buzz
works with you from start to finish in order to hit your goals. They
believes that crowdfunding is a planned endeavor. If you fail to plan
then you plan to fail. BeyondBuzz coordinates everything during the
project setup and pre-launch phases, to the entire crowdfund marketing
campaigns. is a full service crowdfund marketing agency
for all your endeavors on Kickstarter and
To learn more about href="" title="" target="">
and to contact their team, go their website Beyond

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