PrestaShop Duplicate URL Redirect Module

1/8/2017 3:33 pm
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Do you want to 301 redirect your old URLs to new URLs? It is possible with the use of PrestaShop duplicate URL redirect Module. This plugin eliminates the need to edit the PrestaShop core files. Instead its backend end shows a clear interface with the boxes to enter old and New URLs and the redirection type selection from a drop down menu. 

If you have a lot of URLs, you can use a CSV file to import them to the plugin backend and this plugin do the rest regarding to redirection. You can cancel the redirection at any time so to get more control over your redirection.

Price: 30Euro

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PrestaShop Duplicate URL Redirect Module
1/8/2017 3:33 pm by alastairbrian in Business

Do you want to 301 redirect your old URLs to new URLs? It is possible with the use of TAGS: PrestaShop Duplicate Redirect Module

creating a prestashop module trying to Show error on PrestaShop Module
by boomerang in Business

I'm trying to display an error when the user submits data from a form, but no error.

try putting in the driver (forcing you to show me an error)
as follows

public function postProcess()
$ this-> errors [] = Tools :: DisplayError ('Invalid
ccavneue prestashop module
by Javier Pitalua in Business

this is a ccavenue payment module which was downloaded from here

it is not working properly for indian is redirected to

so what will be the exact url or if needed please tell me whats

Prestashop module debugging
by James Dio in Business

I am newbie in Prestashop module development so sorry if it is a fool question... I have been reading the docs but I haven't found what I am looking for so here I go,

I'd like to show a message on the screen (just for debugging purpose) with different context vars and so forth when ac

Prestashop payment module
13/12/2014 6:50 pm by tommy in Business

I am currently writing a Prestashop Payment module which uses the Paypal Adaptive Payments SDK. When I try to install my module, I get the following error:

[PrestaShop] Fatal error in module Configuration:
Cannot redeclare class Configuration

here is my code. the

Best paypal module for prestashop
by ghost recon88 in Business

Anyone can suggest me the best paypal module for prestashop site.
Thanks in advance.

Module alteration in prestashop 1.5
by Thomas Plunkett in Business

I need to alter a topseller module in the way that it would display NEW products instead of TOP SALE products, all other things being equal.
Is this feasible with less efforts or it would demand strong php skills? Could anyone share any advice on how to do this?

Thanks in advance

Prestashop supplier module
by chaoyi in Business

Any one knows if prestashop is providing supplier module?

I want to create something like " add suppliers from prestashop admin, and they should allowed to insert product and see their product order etc..."

Is it possible in prestashop? If yes any one can say which extensi

Prestashop Newsletter Module
by Steven Weber in Business

I'm looking for the best prestashop newsletter module, that allows me to manage custom newsletter layout and newsletter sending.

Has anyone ever used one? Wich one would you recomend?


How do I remove duplicate subcategories in Prestashop v1.5.3.1
by Alpha0mega in Business

Hello I manually created all my categories and subcategories in the back office. I have duplicate subcategories appearing underneath all categories in the front office. How do I remove the duplicate subcategories in Prestashop v1.5.3.1? I've looked in the categories.tpl and did not see anything t

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