Remove item from iCloud - “Cannot disable syncing on a unsynced item.”

At the beginng of my app, i want to delete a few items from iCloud permanently.

But in any case, the console tells me "Cannot disable syncing on a unsynced item."

dispatch_async(globalQueue, ^(void) {
NSFileManager *fileManager = [[NSFileManager alloc] init];
NSError *error = nil;
// Move the file.
BOOL success = [fileManager setUbiquitous:NO itemAtURL:removeItemURL
destinationURL:dest error:&error];
dispatch_async(dispatch_get_main_queue(), ^(void) {
if (! success) {
NSLog(@"MEGA ERROR %@", [error userInfo]);

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I bind a dropdown in mvc application with "-- select year --" as a First element, On selection a item from dropdown I want to delete "-- select year --" item from the drop down. How to achieve this?

Below code delete all items from dropdown...what need to make change here,


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Ruby/Rails: difference between “@item” and “item” in a view
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I have a view which might be rendered from a controller or as a partial from another view.

In all the code I've read, the controllers assign an instance variable "@item" and then call the view. On the other hand, when rendering it as a partial, it receives a parameter "item".

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Add “selected” class to list item then disable “ahref” on the rest of list items in that specific list with jquery
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I have a few divs that contain unordered lists. Inside those list-items I have buttons you can click. Is it possible to be able to click 1button, add a my class "selected" then kill the href on all list items in that ul? The goal is to be able to use a global function for multiple divs I have lik

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selector item android:state_xxx=“false” vs item without state ( default )
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<item android:state_enabled="false" android:color="@android:color/bright_foreground_dark_disabled"/>
<item android:color="@android:color/bright_foreground_dark"/>

What is the difference between these two? According to the documentation the color of the fir

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what is the order of this function's execution: var queryResult = names.OrderBy(item => item).Where(it => it.StartsWith(“S”))
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what is the order of this function's execution:

var queryResult = names.OrderBy(item => item).Where(it => it.StartsWith("S"))

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json selecting an item named “item”
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I am trying to process a json version of a rss feed but I need to access an array labeled "". I suspect because this name seems to conflict with the reserved word item in javascript, the script doesn't work with only this particular json file. It does work in other cases.

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How to bind combobox with “Select Item” as the first item
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I have the following code to bind the combobox from the database table:

Public Sub FillComboBox(ByVal cboCombo As ComboBox, ByVal sSQL As String, ByVal strTable As String, ByVal strDisplayMember As String, ByVal strValueMember As String)
Dim CN As New OleDbConnection

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how to set an item at index “i” as selected item in zk listbox
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I added a list of choices using ListModelList to a ZK listbox. Next, I tried to loop through these list of choices and find a required item (say "String"). I need to set this item ("String") as the selected item.

I tried the code below but it doesn't work. Is there a way to do this ?<

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How to solve sending data via ajax “Item is undefined: if (item.guid != null)” error
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i'm writing this jquery script to send data to a php file via ajax it works but am getting this error can any body tell for I can solve this the code is posted bellow so is the error

here is the error which I get after the data is sent.

Item is undefined: if (item.gui

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how can i disable (enabled=“false”) particular checkbox in datagrid item Renderer?
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In datagrid i shows number of checkbox for example 20 checkboz ,in 20 checkbox if i select any 15 checkboxs then remining checkboxs will be disable (enabled="false" But 15 selected checkbox accessable ?
How can i do that . i tried

<mx:DataGrid id="dg" width="100%" height

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