accessing Altering & querying Sql Server 2005 Table by a table-id or table-index

Category : Coding

Is there any way to address/refer to a SQL SERVER table, by its Unique Index rather its TableName ?

my Application is using multiple html tables, which are acutally within a form,

for CRUD opporations,(more R/U than Create or delete) of an Existing SQL Table.

now... that i need to mix two separated tables, in same update-form (that's my first 'mix')

as i am using Jquery to pass parameters to C# code behind, so it will take care of the
update opporations, and will be able to

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Finding who is whose manager from the give table. I have given the reqired table and resultant table below. Give query for SQL server 2005
Category : Coding
ID Name Mgr
1 Ajay 4
2 Vijay 5
3 Nayeem 1
4 Rakesh 3
5 Varun 4
6 Bhupesh 1

I want the result as


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Remove Relational Index Options when Scripting Table Index in SQL Server 2005
Category : Databases

Using the Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.Smo.Scripter object, I'm generating scripts for each of the tables in my database, including indexes/constraints. When it generates the script, however, it includes all the index options, even though they are the default values, e.g.,


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How to join the result set of Common Table Expression with other existing table in sql server 2005?
Category : Databases

I want to join the result set of common table expression with the existing table. The problem arise using the group by clause as given in the following query. Can anyone please tell me how to join those two tables?.

With CTEQuery
(SELECT StudentOnlineExamCourseAnsw

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SQL Server 2005: Insert missing records in table that is in another reference table
Category : Databases

I need help with the following. I have 2 tables. The first holds data captured by client. example.

[Data] Table

PersonId Visit Tested Done
01 Day 1 Eyes Yes
01 Day 1 Ears Yes
01 Day 2

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How can I copy all fields of one table to another, wider table in SQL Server 2005 Express?
Category : Databases

I know my title isn't exactly worded well, so let me clarify. I'm using SQL Server 2005 Express.

I have a table that basically stores a "template," if you will. Using a car as an example, the fields would be something like:


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Need to pass a Table type variable to a Table-Valued UDF in SQL Server 2005
Category : ASP &

I need to pass a table type parameter to a user-defined table valued function in SQL Server 2005.

How would I do this?

My function name is udf_t_GetSales ( @financialYearMonthsData as table)

The table @financialYearMonthsData has 3 columns ( MonthId int, DisplayText nva

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Create a temporary table like a current table in SQL Server 2005/2008
Category : Databases

How do you create a temporary table exactly like a current table in a stored procedure?

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sql server 2005 - Delete Rows in a table based on deletion in another table.
Category : Development
I have a table called employees and it has a list of employees. I want a trigger that says if an employee is deleted from the database then delete all the rows in another table (complaints) as long as they equal that persons id
this is what i have written:

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Why if I select `Open Table` for temporary global table doesn't work in SQL Server 2005?
Category : Databases

I have an issue in Management Studio Express 2005.

If I select Open Table for a temporary global table:

Not works, the error appears:

But if I write

SELECT * FROM dbo.##tempResults


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Require help in Inserting records from one table to another table in Sql server 2005
Category : Databases

I have two tables. One is temp table and another is main table.
In temp table, i have a column called "Contract Number" which is of "float" datatype.
In Main table, i have a same column "Contract Number" but with "varchar(50)" datatyep.

In Temp table, the Contract Number col

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