Does margin-left:2px; render faster than margin:0 0 0 2px;?

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Douglas Crockford describes the consequence of Javascript inquiring a node's style. How simply asking for the margin of a div causes the browser to 'reflow' the div in the browser's rendering engine four times.

So that made me wonder, during the initial rendering of a page (or in Crockford's jargon a "web scroll") is it faster to write CSS that defines only the non-zero/non-default values? To provide an example:



margin:0 0 0 2px;

I know consequence of this 'savings' is insignificant, b

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[2 column vertical fill layout] && [left, right v.s. margin-left, margin-right]
Category : Webmasters
Hi, Im new to CSS styling and Im going crazy trying to get my layouts the same way as they were as tables. Any help is appreciated!
1. I need to split a page vertically into two sides, the right side having a constant width, the left side filling whatever width there is left and both sides spa

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What is the meaning of Margin (example : margin-left & margin-top)?
Category : Development
I am confused on the meaning of "margin". Is it the distance from the browsers edges or the immediate parents edge.
I have the following example with 3 DIVs with the ids a,b & c. I have embedded b inside a and c inside b. I have put margin-left and margin-top for b and c

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trying to align an image to the right margin and text to the left margin (Android application)
Category : Programming Languages

This is the layout I am using:

<ScrollView xmlns:android=""

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left margin top margin free entry to dailysport wap site for anyone that helps
Category : Mobile Programming
left margin top margin im getting a top margin and left margin on my wml and xhtml sites when viewed on a 3650 anyone know how to get rid of it? free link to the adult wap site for anyone that can help, thanks

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swf at 100% width/height with a left margin of 400px and a bottom margin of 200px?
Category : Webmasters
Please can someone tell me if it is possible to have a swf at 100% width/height with a left margin of 400px and a bottom margin of 200px? Have managed the left margin using:
<div style="height:100%;margin-left:400px;"> <div id="flashcontent"></div> </div

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Content has fixed left margin, & indents/wraps when adjcnt sibl wider than margin
Category : Development
In the pics below, the entire contents is held by a div with id content, which has a fixed width, and whose markup is:
HTML Code:

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Absolute left margin vs printable area left margin
Category : VB & VBnet
In a 2005 MS Reporting Services local report, when the left margin is set to 0 in via the properties/layout page of the report, the actual left margin used on printing is 5/16 " on my HP Laserjet 220 printer. Similarly a 0 in setting for the top margin results in an actual 3/16 " f

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Margin left/right auto and 900px width is positioning with extra wide margin on the iPad/iPhone only
Category : Programming Languages

The following profile maintains centering in the main browsers in OSX and WinXp. But is offset to the left in the iPad with the width shorten by the larger margin on the right.

.wrapper {
width: 900px;
margin-right: auto;
margin-left: auto;

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CALayer resizing with flexible width, left margin and right margin
Category : Development Tools & Services

I added a sublayer to an existing layer and set its autoresizing mask to the following:

sublayer.autoresizingMask = kCALayerWidthSizable | kCALayerMaxXMargin | kCALayerMinXMargin;

Resizing works OK when making the layer bigger -- but making it smaller never cha

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How to Format a Letter Using a Default Left & Right Margin & a Two Inch Top Margin
Category : Computers
Word processors allow the user to type virtually anything and fine-tune the formatting of documents with a few clicks of the mouse. Tasks from changing font color and type to setting margins take a fraction of the time they took with older, analog methods. However, to properly adjust the margins of

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