Force the keyboard to become visible and stay visible in view

I want to have the virtual keyboard appear in my view on load and I want it to say visible for the lifetime of the view. There is a text field and I treat as the primary control for this view.

Initially, I called [self.textField becomeFirstResponder] in -viewWillAppear: following advice I've gotten here. Then, I came up with a different idea: I overloaded UIViewController's -becomeFirstResponder.

- (BOOL)becomeFirstResponder
if (self.primeResponder)
return [self.primeResponder becomeFirstResponder];
return [super becomeFirstResponder];

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android force keyboard visible
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My function, run from the onResume() does not cause the keyboard to appear.

Am I doing it wrong?

private void showKeyboard() {
InputMethodManager mgr = (InputMethodManager) getSystemService(Context.INPUT_METHOD_SERVICE);
mgr.showSoftInput(txtSearch, InputMetho

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Force Keyboard visible in alert dialog box
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I would like to use an alert dialog where there are several edittexts, such that the users can type and then click the save button.

I have successfully inflated my alertdialog using my layout xml (the xml named as custom_dialog_add), code as follows:

public OnClickLi

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fields visible in design view not visible in form view
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This is very frustrating and I hope ANYONE can PLEASE tell me whats going on.
I have a form that "looks" fine in design mode but in form mode none of the field's are visible. I can see text typed in the header and footer with no problem, but the detail section of the form is one

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Items visible in PDF Preview not visible in Design View
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I used the auto create function to turn an existing PDF info a fill-in able PDF. Auto create "auto detects" form fields, including in some areas of the form that are not fields at all (blank areas, etc.). I go into Design View and remove any extra fields. However, I've discovered the

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Keep android view in visible area if keyboard comes up
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I created a simple login screen that stacks a login button, the username and password edit boxes vertically from the bottom.

When someone clicks the username/password fields, the virtual keyboard comes up and hids the editbox or button below it. I have seen this in another applicatio

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How to make sure specific view is visible when keyboard appears?
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I have a layout with a graphic at the top, an EditText in the middle and a button some distance below it, like so:

When the user is typing in the EditText, I want to pan the layout so that the "Go" button is still visible, even if that means clip

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Transition to Modal View Controller with Keyboard Visible
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Is it possible to present my modal view controller with the keyboard already visible? Currently, the modal's text view becomes the first responder as soon as it's view is loaded, which causes the keyboard to animate coming up from the bottom.

I'd like the keyboard to alr

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Adobe Flex3: Keyboard shortcuts when a view is visible?
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I have a quite large Flex application with a large set of views and I ceratain views I'd like to add shortcuts.

And i'm looking for something like:

<foo:Shortcut keys="ctrl+s" action="{bar();}"/>

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How to disable software keyboard in EditText view and make cursor visible at same time in Android 4.0+?
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How to disable software keyboard in EditText view and make cursor visible at same time?

I try all examples on stackoverflow and get two cases:

1. keyboard is hidden, cursor is hidden

2. keyboard is showing, cursor is showing

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iPhone: scroll table view cell to visible above custom keyboard-aligned toolbar?
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I've been asking a question or two over the past few days of working on an application that keeps a custom toolbar aligned to the top of the iPhone keyboard. I'm using the method described by Josh in this question; basically, I have the view controller listen for the UIKeyboardWillShowNotificatio

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