For Rails, if there is a project that uses Rails 3.0.0, it looks for bundler 1.0.0 and it is there but rails server won't run?

I have a Rails 3.0.0 project that was using Ruby 1.9.2. Now that I tried to run it on a new computer with the current rvm, it will say:

$ rails s
/Users/michael/.rvm/gems/ruby-1.9.2-p318@global/gems/bundler-1.1.3/lib/bundler/resolver.rb:129:in `block in resolve': Bundler could not find compatible versions for gem "bundler": (Bundler::VersionConflict)
In Gemfile:
rails (= 3.0.0) ruby depends on
bundler (~> 1.0.0) ruby
Current Bundler version:
bundler (1.1.3)

but I already used

gem install rails -v 3.0.0
gem install bundler -v 1.0.0
gem ins

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Are there 3 forms to invoke production, staging, etc in Ruby on Rails for rails server, rails console, and rake?
Category : Programming Languages

The forms I know of are:

For Rails 3.0:

for rails server:

rails server -e production

for rails console

rails console production

for rake

rake db:migrate RAILS_ENV=production

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Rails gem error while trying to upgrade rails project to rails 3
Category : Programming Languages

While trying to upgrade rails project from rails 2.3.5 to rails 3.0.3 i get following error:-

activate': can't activate rails (=
2.3.5, runtime) for [], already activated rails-3.0.3 for

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How to use a branch in a fork of rails in a project with bundler
Category : Programming Languages

I've got a fork of the rails repo on github, in which I've got a branch, based on the rails-2-3-stable branch. I want to develop some changes based on rails 2.3.10 together with my app. We're using bundler, and the app is versioned with SVN.

What is the cleanest way to use my branch i

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Is there a way to freeze Rails, Bundler, and everything into a self contained project?
Category : Programming Languages

I ran into issues recently for having Bundler 1.1.3 and then using RVM use Ruby 1.9.2 and Rails 3.0.0 because there was an older project that uses 1.9.2@rails300 -- it kept on saying bundler was the wrong version or something and there didn't seem like there was an easy solution.

Is t

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In Rails, if not using Bundler, what is the most preferred way of freezing a gem into the project?
Category : Programming Languages

Our project is Rails 2.2.2, maybe it can't use Bundler? (or maybe for some other reasons, Bundler cannot be used)

Then in that case, what is the most preferred way of freezing the gems into the project source tree?

Some that I know of are:

rake gems:freeze<

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Proper way to use a Rack middleware from a gem in a Rails project with Bundler
Category : Programming Languages

I've got a Rails project that's setup using Bundler. One of my bundled gems provides a Rack middleware that I'd like to use in my Rails app (but only in the 'production' Rails environment).

If I just put something like this in config/environments/production.rb, I get an u

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Routes.rb - from Rails 2.x to Rails 3.x “How to Create a Blog from Scratch Using Ruby on Rails” tutorial
Category : Programming Languages

I'am working on "How to Create a Blog from Scratch Using Ruby on Rails" from The tutorial was created for Rails 2.x. I try to get It working on Rails 3.x. . When I run server I and run localhost:3000 get some serious routing error:

Called from: C:/Ruby

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script/console won't work; reports “Missing the Rails gem. Please `gem install -v= rails`…” even though rails shows as installe
Category : Programming Languages

I'm trying to learn RoR, and running script/console fails, returning:

Loading development environment (Rails 2.3.5)
Missing the Rails gem. Please gem install -v= rails, update your RAILS_GEM_VERSION setting in config/environment.rb for the Rails version you do have

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Bundler + Rvm + Rails don't work on production server
Category : Programming Languages

I am trying to deploy my rails app on my server using capistrano, but I keep getting the error : uninitialized constant ActiveRecord

I am pretty sure that the error comes from a bad configuration of rvm/bundler/capistrano.

By cloning the project, I was able to reproduce th

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'rails' command creates directory with /vendor/rails which uses wrong version of rails
Category : Programming Languages

For some reason when I run rails command, it installs 2.2.3 version of Rails in /vendor/rails and webbrick uses that version instead of 2.3.5 which is installed as a gem.

If I delete that, then it uses the right directory. I remember using git submodule once, but I don't think that ha

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