calculate time difference and display popup based on time difference

im writing a small calendar based on php and jquery which has the a function to calculate the time difference and display a popup 15 minutes before.

Can some one tell me how can i calculate the time difference in minutes and popup 15 minutes before.

my time is saved as

18-07-2012 15:13:54

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how to calculate time difference when start time and end time are generated dynamically dynamic id for each row?
Category : Programming Languages

I would like to calculate time difference based on dynamic id from 2 text-fields and display it on third.

My current code:

function mdiff(t1,t2) {
var t1 = hour2mins(t1); var t2=hour2mins(t2);
var ret = mins2hour(parseInt(t2-t1));

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Calculate Time Difference between current time and a time in future , after every second
Category : Programming Languages

I have to calculate time difference in hours, minutes and seconds and update time on my startup activity after each second. I am using this code.

private Handler handler=new Handler() ;
private Runnable updateTimeTask = new Runnable() {

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How do you calculate difference in time (hours and minutes) between 2 two date/time fields?
Category : Design Software

Have trouble creating formula using FormCalc that will calculate difference in time (hours and minutes) from a Start Date/Time field and End Date/Time field. 


I am using to automatically calculate total time in hours and

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Calculate time difference between 2 time intervals - Logic issue
Category : Mobile Programming

I have a String with the time as follows;

NSString *time = "06.45 pm";

I need to assume that this time is on today's date and then get the current System time, and calculate the time difference between the two.

How can i do this ?


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Calculate difference in time for different fields, then sum and average time for particular field
Category : Excel
Hi All,
I have the following values
Alarm-----Initial Time----Acknowledge Time-----Final Response Time
A1:A10---B1: B10--------C1:C10-----------------D1:D10

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Calculate From To Time Difference - Total Work Time
Category : Programming Languages
I need to calculate time difference 24Hrs Time.some thing seems wrong in the codeif ( shiftToMin >= shiftFromMin ){ shiftTotalMin = shiftToMin - shiftFromMin; if( shiftFromHr < shiftToHr ){ shiftTotalHr = shiftToHr - shiftFromHr; }else{ shiftTotalHr =

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how to calculate the Time difference between two dropdowns and also first Dropdown time should be less than second one
Category : ASP &

I am using two drpdowns FROMDropdownTime and ToDropdown . i want to calculate the time difference between two dropdowns

and also i want to check the Fromtime should less than To Time &nbsp;. &nbsp;and the values are like these

&lt;asp:DropDownList ID=&quot;FROMDropdo

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Calculate time difference with overlapped time
Category : Programming Languages

Am just trying to find a logic to solve this problem but am stuck.

i have 6 date time column in my db. like below

StartDate = {14/1/2012 11:00:00 AM}
EndDate= {14/1/2012 11:30:00 AM}
**Break between start and End Date is 30 mins**
StartDate2 = {14/1/

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getting the time difference based on date and time
Category : Development
can some one help me how to get the time and date difference? given two time and date with the following format like in textbox A: 2011-05-03 17:35:47.0 and textbox B: 2011-05-03 16:35:47.0 then the output would be: 0 days, 1 hour, 0 minutes, 0 seconds

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How to calculate the time difference
Category : VB & VBnet
Does anybody know how to calculate the time difference between (for example: 01:00 PM and 02: AM)?
I've set 2 variables:
StartTimeValue = Format(MyStartTime, "hh")
EndTimeValue = Format(MyEndTime, "hh")
'StartTimeValue will return 13 when 01:00 PM is set.

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