How can I have output from one named pipe fed back into another named pipe?

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I'm adding some custom logging functionality to a bash script, and can't figure out why it won't take the output from one named pipe and feed it back into another named pipe.

Here is a basic version of the script (

PROGNAME=$(basename $(readlink -f $0))
# program output to log file and optionally echo to screen (if $1 is "-e")
log () {
if [ "$1" = '-e' ]; then
$@ > $PIPE_ECHO 2>&1
$@ > $PIPE_LOG 2>&1

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Unable to create named pipe w/err 0x0000007b

I am getting the above error when I try to connect the server and client on different machines.

The code I got from MSDN Link:

I am us

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WCF named pipe client notification/detection of pipe state change
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I have two .NET C# windows forms applications that are communicating with each other via WCF named pipes. One of the applications is hosting a WCF service and the other is the client. Communication is working fine, the client can call service methods and callbacks work fine, etc. However, one

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Read from a named pipe in bash and pipe it into a java process
Category : Java

I have a JAVA-Jar-File which is provided by a third-party-dev.
The File reads from STDIN and writes to STDOUT.

I was able to configure the JAR-File to write to a log file instead.

But I also have to rewrite the input-source from STDIN to a named pipe, so I can send co

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[named pipe] i wanna know about validate of pipe handle of client
Category : Development
in server side...
i want to know state of pipe...
for this,
i wanna know state of pipe handle of client...
is it impossible?
Jul 22 05 #1 Post Reply Share this Question 1 Reply

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Linux fifo (named pipe) O_NONBLOCK breaks pipe
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I've been writing a small program in C++ for linux using inter process communication. I had a problem when trying to read in a non-blocking way with one process and write (blocking) with another process. The issue looks like this, when the parent tries to read the pipe with O_NONBLOCK

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what's the usage of named pipes ? can I connect from management studio using a named pipe?
Category : Databases

at the moment I turn on the TCP/IP in sql server network configuration and enable the ip used for connection
after I'm able to connect using management studio

I saw that there is also an option to connect using named pipes, but I could succeed to connect from management studio us

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controlling the name of a named pipe when hosting WCF net.pipe binding in IIS
Category : Programming Languages

I have a service accessible via http and net.pipe. It is being hosted in IIS 7 (Server 2008). I may be hosting different instances of this service for several customers on the same machine and hence the HTTP is setup with virtual hostnames etc. This is all working fine.

I thought I wo

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how to write to a named pipe and don't wait for reading the pipe
Category : Programming Languages

i'm writing to a pipe until user enters the string "end". if the user enters the string "end", i suppose to go further. here I've to close the pipe and print the message "After Written to Pipe". But its not printing the line "After Written to Pipe" even i entered "end" string. How can i close th

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Could not open pipe when testing named pipe
Category : Programming Languages
I try to use named pipes with problem. I test following code:
Code: HANDLE hPipe;
LPVOID lpvMessage;
CHAR chBuf[512];
BOOL fSuccess;
DWORD cbRead, cbWritten, dwMode;
LPTSTR lpszPipename = "\.pipemynamedpipe";
// Try to open a n

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How to revert back from named-wrapper -u named to /usr/sbin/named -u named?
Category : Web Hosting
How to revert back from named-wrapper -u named to /usr/sbin/named -u named?
After upcp suddently named failed and only works when I use /scripts/ulimitnamed
But now the server feel so slow because of became named-wrapper -u
How to revert back from named-wrapper -

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