How can I see whether a scrollviewer child element is visible, and make it visible if it isn't?

In a scrollviewer I have a textblock with 1000 inlines e.g.


<TextBlock Name="textBlock1" TextWrapping="Wrap" />


public MainWindow()
for (int i = 0; i < 1000; i++)
textBlock1.Inlines.Add(new Run("Inline number " + i.ToString() + ". "));

How do I see if a particular inline element (e.g. number 850) is vis

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Panel.Visible = True also make child controls visible.
Category : Development
Hi There.
I have a panel that i display to the user after they have entered some data.
On that panel is a label which is set to visible = false at design time. If
i make the panel visible however it shows the label. This is no big deal, i
just set the label back to false again af

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jQuery make child div visible on hover (on effective li element only, not parent!)
Category : Programming Languages

I've already tried all of the existing posts related to this, but they doesn't work as I want it...


<ol class="sortable">
<a href="#">Start Page</a>
<div class="li_options">

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jQuery toggle doesn't change child of visible elements when parent and child both toggled?
Category : Programming Languages

In jQuery - I have a visible parent and child element - both have the same class.

If I toggle() using the class as the selector the child's style isn't updated to display: none; - even though it has the selector.

However if I have a hidden element

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The “only-visible-child” element?
Category : Programming Languages

I have a big outer div with many identical circles (which is a smaller div with border-radius 100%) in it.

I am using jquery to fade out these circles s when a user clicks on them, however I want to add additional event when the only remaining circle is clicked.


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Its is possible that visible all child element in ListView when adapter call
Category : Programming Languages

Hi Kindly suggest me that how i can visible all child element in ListView Adapter.Actually i want to hold all child object at same time when adapter call.Suppose my list make with a 8 child but at a time only 5 is visible on my handset .So i can access only 5 child object but i want to access a

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VoiceOver on iOS not giving focus to child element after parent becomes visible
Category : Programming Languages

I'm developing a mobile web page on which users tap a button to toggle the display of content that's hidden by default. Here's a simple example:

<div role="button" id="button1">Show Link 1</div>
<div style="display:none" id="div1">
<a href="#" id

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Calculate how much scrolling is needed for a container element to make one of the its children element visible?
Category : Web Design

There is a div element with specified height and it contains lots of span elements so scrolling is needed to see elements which are initially invisible due to overflow.

I need to calculate how much scrolling is needed in order to make them visible ?

Thank you.

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ScrollViewer still visible when Height is 0
Category : Programming Languages

It is easy to reproduce. Just create a new project and paste the following code:

<StackPanel Grid.Row="0" Name="Header" Height="0">
<TextBlock Text="This text is hidden" />
<TextBlock Margin="2" TextWrapping="Wrap"

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How to add a buttom that is always visible after a scrollviewer?
Category : Development Tools & Services

I have a ScrollViewer which includes a lot of content (datagrids, stackpanels, textboxes, labels, etc...), and outside of it I want to add a button (PRINT), and it is important that the button is not part of the ScrollViewer. My goal is that the top 90% of my screen is the scrollviewer and the bo

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How to make scrollbar of inner element visible on the outer element?
Category : Programming Languages
At our work interface there is an ugly table structure that is generated for viewing potentially very large outputs of queries. Warning, I have very little web dev experience.It looks something like this:<div class = "view_scroll_outer"> <table class = "scrollTableHeader" ...>

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