Adding a “background-image” change to existing jquery css change afterwards

I have a link which has...

a#popup { background:url(../popupopen.jpg) center right no-repeat #fff;

which toggles a menu position using...

jQuery('a#popup').toggle(function () {
jQuery("#wps-sidebar").css({left: "30px"});
}, function () {
jQuery("#wps-sidebar").css({left: "-240px"});

& I'm trying to add a simple background image change to the end of each, so that when it opens the background image changes to use popupclose.jpg (after the menu position toggle), & obviously back to popupopen.jpg once i

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How to change the background image through the tag “selected”
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I'm trying to change the background image of the body (id = "shelf") using a drop-down menu:

<script type="text/javascript">
function changeTheme()
{document.getElementById("shelf").style.backgroundImage = "url("+theme+")";
var e = document.getElementById("th

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jQuery change background with <input type=“range”>
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How do,

I've been teaching myself a little basic jQuery recently, doing so I stumbled across the idea of adding a slider to change the background colour of my page. I've figured out the .click and .css parts ok - it works fine with a div, which is incredibly exciting; but I'm having a

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Jquery to dynamically change flashparam attribute (config={“playlist”:[“url”]:“http://localhost/test.flv”}) of an
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I have embed tag and its configured as:

<embed flashparam="config={"playitem":[{"url":"http://localhost/test.flv","autoPlay":false}]}"

Now i want change the "URL" dynmically. How can i change it using jquery?


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How does google “change background image” link work?
Category : Web Design

When I look the source of this link, there is just this function


and there is nothing else, I looked for usage of javascript:void(0) but there is not much place where it is used alone. So what is the secret ?

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How to change menu item behavior as “on hover change background”, with Twitter Bootstrap?
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As you see on default twitter bootstrap navbar menu only the active menu item's background is different then other.
What I want is when I'm on a menu item, I want the background to be changed to another color.
The bottom line, I should act as active one when I'm on hover of the menu i

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jQuery/javascript “rotate” effect for image swap upon change event
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I'm looking for an image transition similar to the rotate effect in WOW Slider:

The main difference is I want the transition to happen upon the change event of a dropdown. Here's the functional code:


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Make jQuery UI Selectmenu “Not change” the value on 'change' event
Category : Web Design

I am using the 'fnagel jQuery UI Selectmenu Widget' that you can find here.
I want make the widget not select the new option when change event is fired based on some condition.

Usually this is accomplished by 'return false;' from the change event. But its not workin

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Change “onclick” Event (Input type = button) in IE 8/9 & FF with jQuery won´t work (IE doesn´t recognize the change)
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<input id="UploadButton" type="button" value="Upload" onclick="xyz"/>
<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">
$(function () {
operation: "GetList",
listName: "Docs",

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JQuery dialog login - on login change “background-view”
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im new to ASP.NET MVC3. Ive build a small Website with a login within a JQuery dialog box.
When i hit the login-btn i want to change / redirect my MainView (the background) to the html page which pops up when a user logged in. But this doesnt Work.
This is my Login-Controller:

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jquery slider ui question (“slide” vs “change” event..)
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have following issue with jquery slider ui:
slider works only when you drag handle, i.e., when you drag the slider the divs show and hide as expected (divs change as slider slides..) but: if I CLICK on any point on slider instead of d

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