Created file is not visible in the gallery, but is visible in a sdcard folder

I've added a video file in /mnt/sdcard/DCIM/somefolder
But it is not visible in the gallery.
Could anyone help me please to understand what is wrong?

File dir = new File(Environment.getExternalStoragePublicDirectory(
Environment.DIRECTORY_DCIM), "/somefolder");
if (!dir.exists()) {
mrec.setOutputFile(dir.getPath() + "/video" + ".mp4");

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Created folder in sdcard is not visible through WindowsExplorer
Category : Android
Hi Community,
I have created a folder in SdCard using a code below:
if (Environment.MEDIA_MOUNTED.equals(state)) {
// We can read and write the media

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Created folder is not visible in the file explorer..
Category : Programming Languages

I have a problem with creating a folder and a file on the sdcard.

Here's the code:

File folder = new File(Environment.getExternalStoragePublicDirectory(Environment.DIRECTORY_DOWNLOADS).toString() + "/folder");
boolean success;
if (!folder.exists())

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Image files created not visible in Gallery
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I'm working on an application that saves image files to phone memory and/or memory card. On my development device (6220 Classic, 3rd edition FP2), the saved images sometimes appear in Gallery immediately, but sometimes don't seem to appear at all. In this case, removing and re-inserting the

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Photo's not visible in gallery / Created Date modified
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Over the last couple of weeks I have searched through the forums and found several similar issues and I have tried several of the suggestions. However, I've had no luck and I am stumped... my photos all at once disappeared from my gallery. If you look in the folders they are all still there but all

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LR5 - created sub folder isn't visible
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Mac Mini OS X 10.7.5 64 bit

LR 5 (up-to-date)


newbie question i'm afraid.


While importing images from camera, created a sub-folder by clicking on pa

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cm10.1 sdcard mounted and visible in terminal but not file manager?!?
Category : Android
i have to assume that its a permission issue, but i cant figure out for the life of me exactly what...
heres the deal, been converting from cm10 to cm10.1 on the warp sequent, have gotten as far as to make the sd card readable using adb shell... i can cd to /storage/sdcard, do an ls, and i

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Network Folder not visible via UNC but IS visible on the server!
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Network Folder not visible via UNC but IS visible on the server!
  Hi All,

I've recently come across a strange problem that I am having issues resolving. This issue is at work on our corporate WAN. I am based in the UK and we have a server in our office in Madrid. The server is us

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visible false visible in exported excel file
Category : ASP &

visible false field are visible in exported excel file.?

<asp:BoundField DataField=

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.3gp file is not visible on windows folder
Category : Programming Languages

I created an audio recorder for android and save it as a .3gp file. However whenever I try to look at windows explorer mode and the actual drive it is nowhere to be found.

My location:

private static String mFileName = Environment.getExternalStorageDirectory().getAbsolu

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Some files on sdcard not visible in Windows Explorer
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Hi, all.
If I use ES File Explorer to back up an app, the .apk is written to the /sdcard/backups/apps folder. If I plug the N7 into my Windows 7 64-bit laptop and browse to that folder, the .apk file is not listed. Other files in that folder (also .apks) are listed. I recently unlocked and roo

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