Data table with fixed table head and scrollable table body using CSS only

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There are many solutions to this, but I have few constraints to add up to this problem which makes it difficult to achieve.

I was working on this table with fixed header and scrollable body using only CSS (no javascript/jquery) and flexible column widths (so that the table gets resized on window resize). Also to make this compatible in all possible browsers including IE6.

The closest solution I could find was

But this too has a problem with centring the header text which also overflows (because of fixed height) when window is resized.

Is there a solution for this? P

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Fixed table head - scrollable table body
Category : Development
I have a long table which doesnt fit on the screen without scrolling.
No problem, but when I scroll down the table-head and thus the discription of the table-cells is not visible anymore.
Is it possible to fix the table-head and scroll t5he table-body?
Thanks for every idea

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table: resizable, fixed head, scrollable body
Category : Web Design

For anyone looking for a table that is resizable, and has a fixed head, but a scrollable body, here's some code.
Of course, the whole problem should not exist if only browsers would accept the "overflow: auto" style in their tbody. But in IE this doesn't work (as for other

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Displaying a scrollable table with fixed head?
Category : Development

Im trying to do something seemingly very simple, but its brought me
close to crushing my head on the keyboard. All I want is a table where
the head row is fixed and the body columns below are scrollable (with
the ordinary scrollbars, no less). Whatever I try, the columns in the<

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Fixed Header, Scrollable Body. How to without Table?
Category : Programming Languages

I wanted to implement a persistent header on my website where the body scrolls if need be. Kinda Like Facebook for example.

I see a lot of examples regarding tables so I wanted to find out if there's a way to do it without tables.

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scrollable table body, fixed header and footer
Category : Webmasters
Heres my problem, I wanted a scrollable table body with fixed headers and footers generated by php code, I tried to do it with 3 different tables but I had many problems with column widths, so I did it using <thead>, <tbody> and <tfoot> markups. The problem is it works perfectly wi

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How can I keep a table with Fixed headers + scrollable body + sorting
Category : Webmasters
I am new to javascript. How can I keep a table with fixed headers+scrollable body. It should support sorting also while clicking on the column headers.
I am trying to do this on Netscape 7.0
Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks & regards

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Auto resizing, scrollable body/table content - fixed footer
Category : Web Design

I have recently came across a nasty issue in the design of a page. I want it to auto resize up to a minimum size. The width behaves as desired, yet the height seems to be unresponsive.

Basically, I would want the table to not expand beyond the fixed footer. As you can see in the previ

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how do I create an HTML table with fixed/frozen left column and scrollable body?
Category : Web Design

How do I create an HTML table with fixed/frozen left column and scrollable body?

I need a simple solution. I know it's similar to some other questions, like:

HTML table with fixed headers and a fixed column?

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how to make the table scrollable with fixed header and the table content from mysql
Category : Programming Languages

How can I make this table scrollable? I've tried different code but I always encounter a problem on this line: $avaya=mysql_query("SELECT * From avaya_pabx");. Other code that I've used had a problem when I echoed the <td>.

Here is my code:

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CSS/HTML fixed table header / scrollable table promblem
Category : Development Tools & Services
Hey, I used this this website as a basis for my table:
and here is the one I am working on:
but for some reason, my table headers/cells don't align..can anyone help me figur

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