Difference between “open-ended lists” and “difference lists”

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What is the difference between "open-ended lists" and "difference lists"?

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In Eclipse what is the difference between “Open Type”/“Open Resource”?
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Can any one please tell me the difference of "Open Type" (Ctrl + Shift + T) and "Open Resource" (Ctrl + Shift + R) in eclipse.

Eclipse: get difference “Current directory's path” when running as “Java application” and “on server”
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I use tomcat server, and try to call a java class from servlet, that class has method which will return system current directory path. It's result is difference with the one when I run form main method in that class.

from main method: "D:ProjectsEclipseAssignment" (which is where i place my project)
from servlet: "D:IDEeclipse helios" ( which is where i place my eclipse)

With this I have trouble to access my xml file in my project folder( file not found exception when I call a class from servlet). I want the same result when call from servlet as when run main method. How can I do that?

I would appreciate any advice y

Difference between “open-ended lists” and “difference lists”
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What is the difference between "open-ended lists" and "difference lists"?

“Slice lists” and “the ellipsis” in Python; slicing lists and lists of lists with lists of slices
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Original question: Can someone tell me how to use "slice lists" and the "ellipsis"? When are they useful? Thanks.

Here's what the language definition says about "slice_list" and "ellipsis"; Alex Martelli's answer points out their origin, which is not what I had envisioned.


5.3.3. Slicings

extended_slicing ::= primary "["
slice_list "]"

slice_list ::= slice_item (","
slice_item)* [","]

slice_item ::= expression |

Trying to understand the restriction difference between the Open Graph “follow” and “like” actions
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Looking at these 2 articles:
Like: https://developers.facebook.com/blog/post/465/

You can publish stories to people who like your Open Graph Page the same way you write a Facebook post from your own wall. The stories appear in the News Feeds of people who have clicked the Like button on the Open Graph Page.

You can also publish using our API. If you associate your Open Graph Page with a Facebook app using the fb:app_id meta tag, you can publish updates to the users who have liked your pages via the Graph API.

Follow: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/opengraph/actions/builtin/follows/

Want to change the “Lists” in the URL “Site.com/SubSite/Lists/MyList/SomeFile.aspx”
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Most of my research has led me to using Designer to just "right-click" a list name to change how it appears in the URL (e.g., using URL in question, changing MyList to MySuperList). That's not what I am after.

Is there a way I can change that so that my lists appear within a specific folder I create?.

For example, I am using "Site.com/SubSite/Default.aspx" to aggregate content within the sub-site I created, based on navigation items. I have a "Tasks" navigation item that goes directly to "Site.com/SubSite/Tasks.aspx". It is on that page that I sub-aggregate content specific to Tasks (using 3 different task-type lists, as well as having Task-specific

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