SQL query that returns columns form table A plus a bit column that specifies with the PK of table A exists in table B

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How can I write an efficient SQL query that returns columns form table A plus a bit column that specifies whether the PK of table A exists in table B? I am using MS SQLServer 2005. Thanks.

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system sometimes returns the error : Column 'SINAV_ADI' does not belong to table Table , IndexOutOfRangeException ,Cannot find table 0, etc...
Category : ASP & ASP.net


I Use Enterprise library 4.1

Sytem is running but some times returns the error. And WebSite Doesn't work error starts to get all users...  And I do not receive this error againwhen IIS restart

Sample &nbsp;code in here:<

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how to do this query in rails to get search two columns from one table and one column from another table
Category : Coding

I have the following association:

class Resource < ActiveRecord::Base
belongs_to :author

def self.search(search)
where('title ILIKE ? OR description ILIKE ?', "%#{search}%","%#{search}%")

I need to search for the author

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MS Access 2007: How to calculate a column form other columns in the same table in a query?
Category : Databases

In Orders table I have Item Price and Item Count fields. I need a query with an extra column: Total Price which as query is executed holds: Item Price * Item Count.

I have created one in query builder but wh

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Using an EXISTS function to determine if a column exists in a table query
Category : Development
I have found multiple examples of VBA functions to test for the existance of a column in a table and getting a message return. My need is a bit different so I better try and give the sequence of events that I need to try and capture.
1. I use 1 query to pull a dataset with a EVENT_ID, UNIT_ID,

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MySQL match table column from another table for all table with same query?
Category : Databases

I have "users"

user_id usr_name email
1 john john@yahoo.com
2 mike mike@gmail.com
3 tom tom@hotmail.com

table "positions"

pod_id pos_name magic_id email
1 carpenter 22 mi

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how to create table dynamically and alter table when column not exists
Category : Programming Languages
enter <?php$dob=$_SESSION['dob']; $month=$_SESSION['month']; $exists = false;$columns = mysql_query("show columns from $month");while($c = mysql_fetch_assoc($columns)){ if($c['Field'] == $dob){ $exists = true; break; } } if(!$exists){ mysql_query("ALTER TABLE `$month`

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check if all values in a column of one table exists in another table
Category : Databases

I wanted to know the command to check if all the values in one table(created using select statement) is present in the other table (created using select command) all in one select statement.for eg ,i have a attribute fid and faculty_name in faculty table and fid

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Creation ( if table not exists ) and insertion of table using a single query in sqlite Android
Category : Android

I want to use a single query to insert into a table and if that table is not yet created create it and perform the insertion

Any ideas, answers suggestions or sample queries are welcome

Advanced thanks for all

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The Microsoft Jet database engine cannot find the input table or query 'table name'. Make sure it exists and that its name is spelled correctly.
Category : ASP & ASP.net

I have an access database linked to the contacts folder of outlook. I used the access link table wizard to do so. I am able to view the table in access. However, when Im trying to access the table in my .net application, i get:


The Microsoft Jet database engine cannot find

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Check if a table column value exists in another table column using linq
Category : ASP & ASP.net

I have two tables.Table1 and Table2

I need to validate that the Table1.id value exists inTable2.id using LINQ.

How to do it?

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