wikipedia page-to-page links by pageid

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I'm trying to get page-to-page link map (matrix) of wikipedia pages by page_id in following format:

from1 to1 to2 to3 ...
from2 to1 to2 to3 ...

I'm looking for data set (pages from wikipedia) to try out PageRank.

At it is possible to download pages-articles.xml which is XML with this kind of format:

<id>...</id> // pageid

that I w

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Full urls of images of a given page on Wikipedia (only those I see on the page)
Category : Web Design

I'd want to extract all full urls of images of "Google"'s page on Wikipedia

I have tried with:|dimensions|mime&format=json

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Building Dynamic Sites (i.e:page.aspx?pageid=1959)
Category : ASP &
Hi all, Just after a bit of insight really.. I am looking to build a dynamic site and have see a few recently that seem to work from almost one page (ie:page.aspx?pageid=1987). Examples are and Can anyone give me some insight into how these pages are built.. Obviously

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Jquery-Mobile: Changepage does not work if I specify pageid also I cannot pass data to another page
Category : Web Design

Iam using jquery-1.6.4.js ,,and phonegap. I have not been able to navigate to another page using ChangePage using pageid(#target) of target page. If I user targetpage.html it works fine but target page still does able to receive data.

Following script is called from

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Random links generator of all links in a page, but only a specific part of that page
Category : Development
Hi, Im new here and not proficient in javascript, but I hope I can explain my problem clearly enough.
On is a script to link randomly to any link appearing on a page. This is the script as I have used it:

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How to add a new page to wikipedia
Category : Webmasters
I want to add a new page/article to the internet category on
I created an account, but couldnt figure out how to add a new page/article.
Anyone wants to help!
Thanks in advance!

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First page| next page | previous page| last page links
Category : Webmasters
I have a frameset like:
<frameset rows="100,*,80" border="none">
<frame src="header.html" name="topFrame" scrollin

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How to Create a Wikipedia Page
Category : Internet
Wikipedia is an online free-content encyclopedia where users can openly edit existing content. The collaborative encyclopedia started in 2001 and is now one of the most popular reference websites on the Internet, attracting approximately 65 million visitors monthly. All visitors are welcome to cont

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New Karrigel page in Wikipedia
Category : Development
For those interested in the simplest, easiest and most pythonic web
framework out there, theres a new page in Wikipedia:
Apr 12 06 #1 Post Reply Share this Quest

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Loading a Wikipedia page
Category : Development Tools & Services

I want to make a button in an UIAlertView that opens a Wikipedia page, with a subject stored in my array "array"

Here is how I'm doing it.

Wikipedia follows the format of<subject>. In my array, I have text entr

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How to get Titles from a Wikipedia Page
Category : Web Design

Is there a direct API call where I can get titles from a wikipedia page.

For e.g. from, I want to retrieve the following:

1 History
 1.1 Rapid growth and development
 1.2 20th and 21st centuries
2 Geography

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