Job Description for a J2EE Developer

J2EE is the abbreviation for Java 2 Platform Enterprise Edition, a product developed by Sun MicroSystems to allow computer programmers to develop Internet-friendly enterprise applications. A J2EE developer is an information technology professional who has specific experience with J2EE, as well as systems and software used with this platform to develop robust applications. EducationMost employers require a bachelor's degree in computer science, software engineering, information technology or a related discipline. Employers may overlook educational requirements for those who have several years of experience using J2EE and other development applications required to perform the job responsibi

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Job Description for Oracle Developer
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The job of an Oracle developer is to develop databases in computer software made by Oracle. Oracle is a computer software of databases that stores information like names, addresses and business information that allow its users to access it whenever they need it. Oracle developers work with various types of different Oracle databases such Oracle E-Business, Oracle 8i or the latest version of Oracle 11g. Developers use other computer software with Oracle such as Microsoft or UNIX. Job DescriptionThe Oracle developer's main task is to design the databases in the software and troubleshoot any problems with them. The developers have to ensure the databases they design will be accessible to all
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Flash developers are individuals who have dedicated a great deal of time and energy (often in self-study) to learning Adobe's Flash program to such an extent that they are capable of developing applications and programs using Flash. Flash developers are often well-rounded in the various aspects of using Flash for web or applications, but all are highly proficient with ActionScript 2.0 and 3.0 HistoryThe first Flash developers created what are today considered very simple interactive media for websites such as banners and navigation tools such as buttons. When Macromedia created Flash in 1996, its use was much more limited than it is today. Those who were proficient in it, using ActionSc
J2EE Programming Job Description
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J2EE, also known as Java Platform Enterprise Edition or Java EE, is a widely used platform for server programming. J2EE programmers help improve a company's operating processes by developing applications through the Java programming language. Tasks and ExpectationsA J2EE programmer develops new components and enhancements for a company's operating processes, reviews business requirements, advises on efficiency measures and designs complex application functionalities. The programmer also consults with department heads and technical personnel to clarify program intent, suggests modifications and highlights problems.
Qualitative Abilities and ToolsAn analytical disposition and mathematica
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A BI developer, or business intelligence developer, reviews a company's operating processes and manufacturing systems, comparing these processes to industry practices. The developer also recommends appropriate software solutions to improve process efficiency. TasksA BI developer works with end users to design and build the components of a company's business intelligence data warehouse. The developer uses Microsoft Corporation's BI applications to develop operating processes. A BI developer also modifies existing software to correct errors and consults with clients about application maintenance.
Qualitative Abilities and ToolsTo perform the necessary duties adeptly, a BI developer must
Job Description for a developer
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Job Description for a developer
Hi, I am looking for a partner to help develop a site. I need to know what I need to look for in a candidate. What proficiencies should he or she have?
I am going to develop a portal site for teens (very much like CollegeHumor dot com).
> Create scalable pages (template) to make daily updates easy (what coding language does he/she have to know? PHP? Something similar, i have no clue?)
> Scripting so that when someone uploads a photo, it can automatically be added to the site and be rated by other viewers
J2EE, J2ME developer looking for remote job.
Careers & Job Searching
I`m looking for remote Java(J2EE, J2ME) job. I have more than 3 years experience in java.
Jdk1.5, JBoss, Tomcat
OOP, Design Patterns
location: Ukraine, Kharkov
Job J2EE (GIS) Developer@Mumbai-India
Careers & Job Searching
Greetings professionals - We currently have following requirement with one of our clients in Mumbai
Developer / Sr.Developer
Total Experience in years in J2EE?
Job Location - Mumbai (Andheri E - Seepz)
Company - MNC
Profile required - J2EE professionals with realtime projects experience with hands on J2EE applications and Products. With exposure to GIS related projects/products
Experience - 2 to 4 years.
Salary - Best in the industry for the right candidate
Interview process - Written Aptitude test/ Technical test followed by one to one technical interview Offers on the same day.

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