How to Open Up About Your Feelings to a Guy You Love

Whether you've secretly fallen for your close guy friend or you want
tell the guy you've been dating that you're in love, telling him how
you feel can be an intimidating task. The fear of rejection prevents
many women from telling a guy just how they feel. However, guys are
just as scared of rejection, and he may be waiting for you to say
something first. Swallow your fears and tell him how you feel, either
directly or in a more subtle way, with a few simple
tips.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Wait for the right moment. At the
bar with his friends is not a good time to tell your guy that you love
him. It's probably not a good idea to bring it up when he's watching a
football game, either. Wa
While it can be difficult to express romantic feelings, it is often
necessary if you plan to convert your fantasy relationship into
reality. Why sit around and wait for love to just
“happen” when you have some control over the situation?
Telling a guy you have feelings for him is not the impossible feat
many make it out to be. Taking the time to prepare could be the
difference between being in a relationship and dreaming of being in
one.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Sort out your feelings for the
guy. Determine whether your feelings are more romantic or more primal
in nature. This is important in order to prepare yourself for the
discussion that will take place after your
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When a close friend is having a hard time dealing with the end of a
relationship, being supportive is the most important thing you can do
for her. You may be sick of hearing about the guy or thought he was a
complete jerk, but telling your friend that will only make her
withdraw from you. The best thing you can do is let her get out her
feelings, keep her busy and help her realize that she is worthy of a
far better guy.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Be a friend she can talk
to about the breakup. Even if you are tired of hearing about her
ex-boyfriend, think about how you would feel if you were in her
situation. Let her get it out. Give her your shoulder to cry on when
she needs to. Reassure
Relationships & Family
Dating is like trying on shoes: Not every pair fits. Some women know
on the very first date whether a guy has the power to make her swoon.
Others take weeks or even months to decide whether they are interested
in something long-term. If your current boyfriend is obviously into
you, it is important to be honest with him as soon as you know where
your relationship stands. If you want to tell a guy you don't love him
without hurting his feelings, woman up and face the situation with a
combination of gentleness and honesty.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions
Respect your guy enough to meet with him in person as soon as you
know it's time to break it off. Pick a neutral and casual location at
a ti
Relationships & Family
When everything's going smoothly in a relationship, one or both
partners might start wondering whether it's the right time to say the
big "L" word. While saying "I love you" to your sweetie for the first
time is always a gamble, honest conversation can help ensure that
you're both on the same page. Remember that words aren't the only way
to show someone you care. Don't rush yourself. Show your affection in
other ways if you're not ready to say those three little words, and
you may find that they come naturally sooner than you
think.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Resist the urge to say
"I love you" when you're intoxicated or being physically intimate with
your partner. He'll wonder
Relationships & Family
Taking the initiative to openly communicate your feelings for a guy
involves showing a vulnerable side of yourself. While your actions can
convey that you care, nothing makes your feelings more evident than
when you state them. When you decide to make your feelings known, you
want to relay them in a clear and direct manner so the object of your
affection will know exactly how you feel. Yet, you also want to do it
in a way that's not so intense that it may cause him to shy away from
you.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Arrange a situation where you
can talk privately with the guy, so there are no distractions. A
private dinner for two or an evening walk would work.
Tell the guy
that you
Relationships & Family
Love is tricky emotion and hard to deal with because of jealously,
insecurity or unrequited love. However, romantic feelings are an
important part of life and you should rarely ignore how you feel about
another person. Whether the love you feel for another person is
reciprocated or not, there are some strategies to consider when you
find yourself in a situation dealing with
love.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Communicate with the one you
love about the feelings you are experiencing. Be open and honest about
everything. Do not try to hide your love or play games. Instead, speak
calmly and clearly about your love for her and let her know that what
you feel is real.
Determine whether or
Relationships & Family
You like a guy. What's the best way to express your feelings to him?
Letting a guy know you like them can be awkward---especially if he
does not feel the same about you. However, odds are in your favor as
long as you make your feelings known. Stay true to yourself, exhibit
confidence, get to know him, and finally, tell him how you feel.
Expressing yourself is scary, but never letting him know how you feel
is worse.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Get to Know HimGet to know
your crush. Strike up fun, short conversations with him whenever you
get the chance. Pay attention to his interests and concerns. Smile and
try to flirt with him.
Find a common interest. Do not feign
interest in somet
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