What do you think of my blog? www.snickn.com

Category : Web Site Reviews
What do you think of my blog? www.snickn.com
So I've been working to get the blog updated lately. There's quite a bit left to do with it (a bit on the design end, and a few features) but I'd love to hear the feedback of it so far :)

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Request free blog builders to build a blog skin to my blog..
Category : Web Development
Hi, I'm looking anyone who can build me a blog skin with the preferences below:
Banner: Center
Sidebars: Left and right with links [Put .::Menu::. on the left as the title while on the right side title is .::Links::.]
Content: Center with comments [blogspot standard] [On content

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can c-panel redirect my blog post links from example.com/blog to blog.example.com?
Category : Web Hosting
can c-panel redirect my blog post links from example.com/blog to blog.example.com?
I used to have a blog:
but I changed it to
I know you can do a redirect, so that someone going to the first address will be redirected

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How to get a huge number of blog entries (blogspot or yahoo blog or livejournal…)
Category : Development Tools & Services

I just want a large number of blog entries for my classifier.

As I know, twitter has its APIs (search API and stream API) for developer to retrieve tweets!

Do Google and Yahoo have the similar API?

If not, what should I do for my purpose?

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Blog for main site... where... separate blog service? local on subdomain? integrated?
Category : Development
We are looking to add a blog to a website with technical articles. We want best possible user experience, and SEO + social networking capabilities.
Our site is in the Joomla CMS. But Wordpress is better for blogging and we might choose to go with that for the blog part. We are looki

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Wordpress Blog: How to include a picture in a blog post such that it will show in Facebook? [on hold]
Category : Web Development
I am using a wordpress.org blog.It used to be that if I put an image or video at the top of my blog posts, that image would appear on Facebook if I posted a URL of that blog post.No more.Any idea of what I can change in how I create my blog posts to make this happen again?WordPress version: 3.9Theme

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A new .NET blog: sharing experiences about brand-new technologies. http://binary-studio.com/blog/
Category : ASP & ASP.net
Hi, We are glad to announce we have opened a new blog! Have a look here: http://binary-studio.com/blog/. Hope this will be helpful for you! Best wishes, Nataly Kostukova Binary Studio // www.binary-studio.com Business, Evolved. mobile: +38 050 17 00 155 e-mail: nataly@binary-studio.com ICQ#:

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Make joomla blog link to inner pages(or blog roll post actual)
Category : Web Design

So i was told to create a blog for client in Joomla and, i have minimal knowledge of Joomla inner workings. I made the blog as seen here


But the problem is that, the headers/titles for each story in that blog roll cant be cl

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Blog Application: should i embed the comment logic in the main blog entry class?
Category : Programming Languages

i am trying to write a blog application with CodeIgniter just for practice and using php (of course)

i just wanted to ask that which approach should i choose?

i am planning to write a Blog class with the basic following functions:
Insert(), Update(), Read(), Delete()<

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How can I set a website "blog" via Bussines Catalyst and make modules out of blog posts.
Category : Design Software

Hi! I'm used to work with Muse but I want to start integrating Muse with Business Catalyst. I'm trying to make a "News Website" but I think it can me managed like a blog. I wanted to know if it can be done the way I designed it in Illustrator...So I would post blog entries from Business Catalyst

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Drupal 7 - Blog Module - Adding title to single blog post
Category : Web Design

I have been asked to add a blog for a website built in Drupal 7. I activated the blog module and made a couple entries.

The postings show up fine on the blog page, but when I click through to a single entry it is just the text of the post. I would like to add the title to the page.

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