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web design software like unbounce
Are there any web design software thats similar to unbounce's html editor in terms functionality and usability?

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web design software like unbounce
by Griff in Web Design

web design software like unbounce
Are there any web design software thats similar to unbounce's html editor in terms functionality and usability?

How to Unbounce a Yahoo! Group
by Juice in Web Design

When you sign up for a Yahoo! Groups account, you specify the email address that Yahoo! should send your email digests to. If Yahoo! is unable to successfully send your Yahoo! Groups updates to you, the email will bounce back to Yahoo!. Yahoo! then puts your account on hold until you resolve the mat
technology used by sites like unbounce and weebly?
by yhelothar in Web Design

If youre familiar with sites like Weebly and Unbounce, youll know that they allow users to login and build web pages and sites.
I wanted to confirm the technology they use for this functionality of letting users build pages and sites (I presume its built in house and combination of ja
Register WordPress user via Unbounce form
12/12/2014 7:20 pm by Londo_Jowo in Web Design

Apologies up-front for the novice nature of this question...

I am attempting to pass an email captured via an Unbounce landing page form to WordPress and programatically register a new WordPress user.

This is the set-up so far:

  1. Unbounce landing page (get.slideheroes.
Free software replacements for Adobe Suite? Design software must-haves?
by swilli89 in Web Design

I study and work in graphic design and decided to install to Ubuntu a few weeks ago. So far it has become my main OS and everything is fine with GIMP, Mypaint and Inkscape. I aways thought Adobe Suite was overrated anyway...my problem is I can't ditch it completely (or my windows install) and switch
Finding a Web Based software package for Software Design and Documentation
by Robby White in Web Design

Recently, I have been working on a new project that is very large, much larger than what I have ever worked on in the past. I have broken it down into its basic components, which at this time come to 54 separate sections, each one containing between 1 and 32 (only for a few, the average is around 10
What are the open source software that i can use to develop interior design software?
by kraszie in Web Design

I need to develop an interior designing software :)

Much like a virtual room designing software.

There will be pre-designed 3D objects and they can dragged on to the room. You can change the room size etc... Much like a conventional home designing software :) After the ro

Software for Reverse Engineering software design (UML, Flowchart Etc…)
by Puddle Jumper in Web Design

Does anybody know of any free software which can be run on a C#, ASP.NET visual Studio project which shows a UML Diagram or Flowchart or any other modeling language which shows the design of the System?

Most that I seem to be able to find are for Java:

What are the best Software Development Analysis and Design Tools and that have the ability to transform Design into Real Code?
by Verbal in Web Design

I try finding a good way to develop a software project instead of spending a lot of time in the development and coding phase but I do not find a suitable solution.

I know a little about Visio - Rational Rose - Paradigm and other UML tools.

What are the good analysis and de

Freelancer / Design Agency design project management software
by Jarques in Web Design

We are in the process of developing specialised design project management software for Freelancers and Design Agencies. There are two versions planned, a Freelancer version and a Design Agency version. The basic features of both would include a dashboard, project management, client management, a pro

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