Trouble in creating gif

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Trouble in creating gif
I want to create a GIF from a VIDEO. The VIDEO SIZE is 1 meg. I don

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trouble creating a swf
by cusideabelincoln in Web Design
I have created an animation with two scenes the 2nd scene can be made into a swf but the 1st scene cannot I have tried deleting layers and changing things but nothing seems to work please help
Having trouble creating USB.
by Saurabh in Web Design
Hey all,
I am currently undergoing some trouble with creating a bootable USB. I am in Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meekrat and I want to move to Debian 5 Lenny. When I try the built in StartUp Disk Creator, it takes longer than it usually does with other distros (about 1% every 3-7 seconds). Not on
Trouble creating AVD on ADT
by Verbal in Web Design

I downloaded the ADT bundle for Mac from, unzipped it and opened up the ADT executable but I cannot create an AVD. I get a null error when I do it through ADT and an error that the file /Users/my computer name/.android/avd/AVD name.ini does not exist. I tried physically crea

Trouble creating sis
by demetris in Web Design
Hi everyone,
i am still haveing trouble creating a sis file.
this is what i am doing and what i am getting:
[CODE]C:myappMEClient_Symbianv3.0>abld build gcce urel[/CODE]
its creating tons of files in Symbian9.1S60_3rd_MR_3EPOC32BUILD but no sis file is being created.
Trouble with creating a GIF
by Tone in Web Design
Hey all,
I am trying to make a simple animated GIF from a flash file and am having loads of trouble. Everytime I export it there is a random black blob that does not correspond to anything in my presentation or any geometric shape. I have fooled around with all the settings but can't for the li
Trouble in creating gif
by NTMBK in Web Design
Trouble in creating gif
I want to create a GIF from a VIDEO. The VIDEO SIZE is 1 meg. I don
Im having trouble with creating Tables
by SnuggleTheBear in Web Design
i know all of the tags for creating tables but i dont know how to know how to get them where you want?can anyone help me or is it to complicated?maybe an explanation or two and 1 or 2 examples i should get it? thanks in advance

Trouble creating classes
by findcontrol in Web Design

I have tried to create a simple class where the program passes a name and telephone number to my class type and then prints it to the screen. It tells me I have undeclared identifiers, but I am constructing my program just like an example we did in class. Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong

Having trouble creating a cookie
by Tom Arleth in Web Design
Im trying to create a simple cookie to retain voted=1.
However, all the code that I have tried either makes the cookie (not even sure if it does) or doesnt retrieve the cookie data.
Ive tried printing the data and it always comes out blank.
I have many code variations, all of it kind
Trouble creating button
by Shadowknight in Web Design
ok so i made a navbar from a tut i found online that allows you to create and use dropdown menus, but in the tutorial, all the "buttons" or movieclips, and when i code something like lets say:
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