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Question about trademark and more
I have owned a domain, a misspelled, for almost 10 years. The misspelled trademark has an affiliate program that I am or was a part of until they stopped my account asked for my marketing strategies and demand that the misspelled domain be transferred to them at cost to continue on the program. They have suspended pending payments as well. Please note that I have forwarded the traffic from this domain to them with my affiliate ID for as long as I have owned that domain. What to do? Anybody has experience on such a field.

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Give us yer dang trademark, Wouter Hanegraaff ! ( trademark issues)
by Gus in Domain Name
So apparently the only reason is not officially called OpenOffice is because some dutch dude claims that trademark:
From wikipedia:
The project and software are i
Trademark question :?
by Sascha Brossmann in Domain Name
Trademark question
I wish to purchase a domain for a hobby site i'd like to develop. Although this will not be a business i eventually plan to sell advertising space throughout the site.
I just checked the domain against any trademarks with the same name and i found t
Have a trademark question? Ask me!
15/12/2014 1:07 am by dfrolov in Domain Name
Hi all,

I am an attorney based in the US and I'm affiliated with the trademark attorney site which offers trademark registration services.

Many web developers, internet marketers, webmasters, and designers have questions about trademarks. I'd be happy
Another Trademark Question
by Erwin in Domain Name
Hi Again,
i was wondering - a site called have trademarked the name "Six Flags Houston"
I was contacted recently and given 30 days to change the name of my site
now, I run a site called SFHouston HQ and have been told to change the name - however, im not
Trademark question!
by acacio in Domain Name
Trademark question!
Quick question regarding trademarks
lets say a company has a trademark for the domain name :
can i register my company's domain name as ?

Best Buy Trademark Question.
by kpkp in Domain Name
I need to register a domain for a small product comparison site. I was wondering if a site like is violating Best Buys trademark rights?
I mean, come on.. these 2 widely used words Best and Buy are not quite like Nike or Sega..
Trademark Question :- -
by Jaleel in Domain Name
Ive recently been asked by The Chanel perfume company to stop using my logo as they feel it "will confuse consumers as to the origin of your goods or services as well as dilute the distinctiveness of Chanels interlocking CC Monogram".
Now my business is Web Design and Development and
Trademark question
by Ian McKellar in Domain Name
Trademark question
I own the domain I never put anything on this site. This is just one of hundreds of domain names I bought on a whim.
Now Zagat sent me a C&D. Normally I would comply, ask them to pay for the transfer fee, and just let them have t
Trademark question :
by Leo in Domain Name
Trademark question
I'm creating a shopping cart feature on a website and planning on calling it "Hotlist" rather than shopping cart. However, I did a trademark search and found that "Hot List" is trademarked.
If I used this to name one of the fe
Trademark question - :
by Minh Nguyen in Domain Name
Trademark question
If i have a domain called for example "" and it`s trademarked and someone else registered the same domain later except it`s "" without the dash........can i go after them?

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