create MYSQL query to get all contents of a table but xml column data split into multiple columns.

I know this may sound basic, but I'm scatching my head over this for a wile now. I usually deal with tables of relational data, but this one is tough for me. The table contains a couple of relational columns and one column that holds xml data which I would need to export in multiple columns, rather than just one.The column headers are as follows:id|employee_id|reviewer_id|period_from|period_to|due_date|state|kpisNow my problem is the last column which holds data in xml format like so:

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How to split pipe-separated (|) values of a single column of data table into multiple columns
Category : Programming Languages

I have a datatable dtRecords. It contains a column Token, which contains pipe- (|) separated values



I want the output in another table say dtCompleteRecords<

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Break up data from one column into multiple columns in a new table (MySQL)
Category : Programming Languages

I have a table full of data, where one column is full of different entries for each row, where the data is formatted like this:
A:some text|B:some other text|C:some more text|
I want to separate those strings of text into two columns on a new table. So the new table should have one colu

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Split column multiple values of an SQL 2005 table into new columns of a new temp table
Category : Databases

I'm facing a situation where a customers table with more that 150000 records have a column with phone numbers which contains more than one values (phones) separated by spaces, commas, dashes, dots, etc. The original column values are varchar type max 30. I need a way to check these values and spl

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Need to split data in 1 column into multiple columns
Category : Excel
I have an address in one cell in excel. Street/City/State/Zip are all separated by two spaces like this: 123 Anywhere St Chicago IL 60607 United States
I want to break them out into separate columns. The "Text to Columns" won't help because there are no commas or dashes separatin

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Split Data in one column to multiple Columns
Category : Databases

I have a column in a table that contains numeric data separated by a hyphen. I need to split this data into three columns so each part of this numeric value is in a separate column. The specific data is for learning purposes but I've also seen databases where name fields are one column instead of

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Split one column to multiple columns but data will vary SQL
Category : Databases

I have a set of row in my database that look like this:

Mr Joe Bloggs
Joe Bloggs
Joe Jim Bloggs
Joe Jim David Bloggs
Mr Joe Jim Bloggs
Mr Joe Jim David Bloggs

Output required:

Title | First Name | Middle Name | Surname

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Split column defintions of SQL create table query
Category : Programming Languages

I want to split all column definitions of a sql query into seperate strings.


`citizen_group` int(10) NOT NULL,
`container_group` int(10) NOT NULL,
PRIMARY KEY (`citizen_group`,`container_group`),
KEY `fk_containergroup_readeraccess` (`containe

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Split contents of cells into multiple columns, contents have no separators for delimited functions
Category : Excel
New task for work today, which involves creating a spreadsheet for all existing members of an organization. I went to the organization's website and copied all of the names & info, then pasted into a blank spreadsheet. Thankfully, all of the entries were separated into their own rows, but all of

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Split column contents into 2 columns
Category : Excel
Hi everyone,
I have a 1000-row worksheet (sheet 1) in the following format:
2----John Smith----100------------16x2
3----Jill Jackson----101------------6
4----Bob Michael---105------------5x4

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Mysql Fetching Data from database one column from 1st table & second table 3 columns
Category : Databases

I have two tables, optionvalues & valprice.

I have opt_id & prod_id as same in both table.

Table optionvalues:

id opt_id item_id value value_img
1 1 5 Big img1
2 1 6

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